Bill Maher Is Must-See TV

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Nearly everyone who covers politics has had to partially reinvent their programs since President Joe Biden dropped his suitcase in the White House. Without Donald Trump, political commentators again have to create their own content. On average, the overall quality has dipped, but average doesn’t mean everyone. Bill Maher is the outlier.

For each of the past six weeks, Maher has shaken the internet during his “New Rules” segment, a segment that Maher spends the most time writing throughout the week. And it shows. You won’t find better monologues anywhere.

Recently, Maher has taken aim at topics such as cancel culture, the Oscars (yes, still a thing), and COVID fear porn:

For four years, he zoned in on one topic, Trump, and covered the topic with the same tone as the outlets he’d historically rejected. However, the old Maher, the one a few lines away from getting canceled himself, is back. He no longer forces the word “Trump” into every written joke and thus has never been better. At his best, Maher dialogues on topics few others dare touch.

Let’s be honest (the phrase Jim Acosta utters once a sentence): right now, Bill Maher is must-see TV.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. I mean it’s low hanging fruit…but obviously you can skewer the leftist thought pretty easily if the TDS blinders and race/rainbow children grift finally disappear.

  2. This is a guy who spent the last few years spraying gasoline and lighting matches. Now that the fire he help fuel is getting close to his picnic table he is screaming for water. Hypocrisy may be his most well developed quality.

  3. Lil’ Billie Maher takes his head out of the narrow dark resting place it normally resides in, and takes a breath of fresh air. His breath remains Communist Democrat foul, his attitude remains arrogant, but at least he is breathing air, not methane.

    America Matters.


  4. I`d like to think that he`s drifting back to the middle, but he`s just doing what more of the left will do: eat their own. There`s nothing on the right worth going after so the progressives become an easy target and he`s not going to be cancelled.

    • the goalpost has successfully been moved, bro so you better pick these battles and influencers and support them when you can, because alotta times at best, you get to site a Lib and say, ‘even your boy disagrees with your stupid take’ ..this is what I take away from his last several monologues…its called pumping the brakes on utter stupidity, and he has done that

  5. Anyone with a brain capable of functioning a thought knows defunding the police or turning into a communist country is absolutely horrible. Bill Maher saying it means nothing at all to me.

  6. is there a chance, and I’m addressing the haters on here, that just maybe he has his finger in the wind, and he knows that the shift is on? why are we pissing on that?

  7. Maher now realizes that the same leftist garbage he has been promoting for the past 10 years, when taken to the nth degree, is suicidal to any society. I will give him credit for saying it (few else are), but he should have seen this coming years ago. Instead, he focused on Trump 24/7.

  8. Lots of short-sightedness in the comments. You all realize that people like Maher control what democrats think, right? If Maher can get some common sense through their thick skulls, we will be better off and cancel culture will die on the vine. As would faux-science such as anything pushed by Dr. Fauxci.

    • You make a good point, in theory, Freddy.
      But what are the chances it ever becomes realistic?
      I will always hope you’re right, but we’ve seen Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it doesn’t appear to be curable. And CNN’s ability to hypnotize their masses is relentless.

    • Freddy I wish you were correct. but no.

      The opinions of People on the left are driven by mindless dumbass twitter activists. If they cared about what Bill Maher said I promise you we wouldn’t be where we are today. And we certainly wouldn’t be having the insane open borders policy that is taking place right now

      • Sane Person I think there is truth to both of what you and Feddy are saying. like you say there is no doubt that the left has a shitload of narcissistic sociopaths who are driven by twitter and social media but at the same time if Maher can get some common sense through the thick skulls of some of the others than all the better for us. The only question is how much of the hardcore left is made up of complete sociopaths and how much is made up of people who just have thick skulls. not an easy question to answer but I do fear a large part of them are stone cold sociopaths who want open borders simply to destroy the country

    • You can hear the brainwashed but the brainwashed can’t hear you. It doesn’t matter what Maher says to the brainwashed lefitsts, they’re not listening. I still don’t trust Maher. He’s a radical leftist at heart.

    • How many far left democrats listen to Bill Maher? Honestly? Will we see Dementia Joe or Drunk Nancy shift because Bill Maher made a monologue? He’s not Rush Limbaugh.

      I’ll tell you who controls what democrats think…the news enemedia, academia from public school through indoctrination universities, politicians, and revolutionists in the sexual and racial realms.

    • Ppl underestimate the degree to which abandoning faith has had (and will continue to have, increasing in severity) on this formerly great nation.

      Something will always fill the vacuum. For those who dislike religion – they are going to dislike what replaces it even more. Look no further than hyper secular Portland Oregon for a glimpse into what the future offers.

  9. How sad is it that his exact words would be shit and pissed upon, uttered by anyone not far left..
    And when Maher says them, they have a chance of being heard?

    Why did he have no problem stomping on anything Trump for four years? Well, becau$e…
    That’s how he/they roll. Anybody believe that will ever change?

  10. Thanks for posting this Bobby. I don’t care if he’s liberal, they should always be welcome here if they’re advocating for discussion and debate, as Bill has been doing. I don’t view Outkick as a conservative forum, just one that’s not afraid to speak the truth. If Maher is willing to do the same, I welcome him and his opinions…no matter how much they contradict mine. As Clay always says, let’s talk, but acknowledge a common set of facts. We all have to share this land. Discussion and debate is what will save this country, not writing one another off because of what we ‘think’ the other is or isn’t.

    • That’s right. Maher, even though most of his political beliefs are uber liberal, is an old school comedian who believes in the first amendment above all else. If he respects that I have no problem with a different opinion. That is what makes America great. Just because I disagree with someone politically doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to his/her opinion.

  11. It’s all well and good but he and other liberals like him sat back while their political “side” was hijacked by the far left. He still supports 97% of their priorities so fuck him. I did watch his segment with Megyn Kelly and while that was good and fair I found his jokes aimed at GOP lawmakers hateful and the criticism of policy to be typical gaslighting. So no, I’m not going to side with this jackass and defend him. It’s going to take more than a few monologues to convince me.

  12. Bill forever lost me when he was rooting for a recession. Also all of his complaints are him being angry at the manifestations of his own party’s ideas. All these millenials and Gen Z people think these crazy ideas are good because they are taught by leftists that incessantly bash capitalism. It’s Mahers party that’s has infected the younger kids with these mind viruses.

  13. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a shift to criticizing the BLM/Anitfa as “edgy”. Its not hard to do, they are obviously for destruction, not construction. But let 1 Republican stand up and say what Bill Maher just did and he would get destroyed.

  14. Follow the money. Maybe his contract is coming due and the ratings are down. The only way he can add to his audience would be to bash those he once embraced.

  15. Maher seems to have some actual liberal, not leftist values and has recently been destroying the left while at the same time having his lips firmly attached to Biden’s buttocks. Apparently he’s to dense to notice the connection between the two.

  16. The left is on a roll now. They control the schools from K on up through college. The “journalists” coming out are indoctrinated in Marxist thinking. Far lefties are now being elected to Congress. They’re just getting started. We don’t have enough people and institutions with the nuts to push back against this tide. It’s not going anywhere and the country will get fucked eventually.

  17. Bill Maher?
    Maher in one video included in this article, “A lot of people died due to Trump’s incompetence.”
    Where were Maher’s fear now takes when Trump was still in office? The fear factor being put out was very loud at that time.
    No, I believe that Maher and the ilk like him are affected also by these virus resrtrictions and that they have become one us “for thee” and the “but not for me” with them is no longer valid.
    In reference to this Burack swooning article about Maher’s latest actions, I will compare it to, “A fox in the hen house”.

  18. This guy literally called for purposefully tanking the economy to get rid of Trump. Don’t be fooled. He is an elitist looking for ratings. After a stupid take like that you’re not coming back in my book, sorry. To me, Maher is like somebody who carried the gas can to help a mob start a fire, and then runs to asking for help to put it out. He was part of the crowd stoking the animosity against Trump for years and now he’s worried about the result it left us with? The problem with an atheistic worldview like his is that it has no transcendental anchor, no constant unshakable north star, and therefore blows whichever way the wind of pragmatism blows. He’ll change his mind again in a few months.

  19. JFC NO Maher is in no way shape or form must see TV. Conservatives are so fucking pathetic when it comes to grasping for any semblance of acceptance from a leftist it’s absurd. This is the same Maher who I’m pretty sure in this SAME episode was applauding Biden working to transform America into a leftist utopia. The same Maher who trumpeted Biden’s “59% approval rating” from the Rasmussen poll that oversampled Democrats almost 2 to 1(63% to 37%). This entire article is pathetic and shows how weak willed conservatives are with their desperation and innate need for some sort of acceptance from far left goons.

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