Antonio Brown Cancels Rap Performance At Super Random Massachusetts Venue Because He Didn’t Fly Private

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Antonio Brown was set to perform on Thursday night, but the show was cancelled before it began. The former NFL wide receiver was unable to make it to the event and appears to have a legitimate reason.

Brown, who left the football field for what was likely the last time in bizarre fashion at the start of the year, has been focusing on music in the months since. He performed at a few music festivals over the summer and recently released a new music video with two incarcerated rap legends.

However, other than that, there has not been much from him in terms of public performances.

That was all set to change on Thursday night. Brown was scheduled to play at an extremely random venue in relatively small Massachusetts city. Having spent time with the Patriots, there was likely a draw there with the former New England pass-catcher.

No matter what the tie might have been, the event sold out. It was set to begin at 8:30 p.m. ET with three DJs opening, and Brown was expected to arrive around midnight.

He did not. Antonio Brown missed his rap performance.

Upon arrival at the venue, attendees ā€” who were apparently on the younger side ā€” were told that it had been cancelled.

Fortunately, they did receive a refund.

Not long there after, at about 10:00 p.m. the event sponsor officially announced that it was cancelled. Boston-based alcoholic sports drink company Vodkyte posted a screenshot of what was supposed to be Brown’s flight from Miami.

It had been delayed from a 7:45 p.m. departure time to a 10:10 p.m. departure time. That would have put Brown at Boston’s Logan International Airport at about 1:25 a.m., and the event was located about an hour from there. Simply not doable.

Here is the evidence that Brown didn’t bail:

Antonio Brown’s rap concert was cancelled.

Whiskey on Water, which was hosting the concert, only booked Brown three days prior to the performance. In addition, it appears as though Brown was flying commercial. That combination of factors does not sound like a recipe for a successful show.

The good people of Worcester missed out on their opportunity to ‘Put That Sh*t On.’ Truly a shame.

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