Antonio Brown Pins Alleged CTE On James Harrison, But The Internet Isn’t Buying It

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Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown pulled yet another wild move on Friday when he took to social media to blame his former Pittsburgh Steelers’ teammate for his alleged case of CTE.

Antonio Brown went on Instagram Live Friday night and said what we’ve all (allegedly) been thinking for years now: there’s a good chance he has CTE.

I know, shocking, right? After years of just bonkers actions by Brown – from ripping his jersey off and quitting in the middle of a game to barricading himself in his own house to pornographic snapchats – the former NFL receiver admitted things may be a little off upstairs.

But that’s not what left several internet sleuths confused during his IG session on Friday.

“I wanted to tell you guys that I think James Harrison gave me CTE,” Brown said. “James Harrison had an illegal helmet for over 20 years in the NFL and he hit me one time. Ever since he hit me I’ve been super aggressive, so blame James Harrison for my CTE.”

Antonio Brown blames James Harrison for CTE, internet points to Vontaze Burfict

I’d imagine you’re all thinking the same thing I (and everyone else) did when they saw this video …

Wasn’t it Vontaze Burfict who knocked Brown into next season that one time? And yes, you’re right! In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s the video from 2016.

And yes, it’s still as jarring now as it was back then.

Goodness, what a hit. I remember watching that live and thought AB was done for. Just brutal.

Anyway, many believe that was the hit Brown was actually referring to during his admission, NOT James Harrison. Frankly, people have been saying that for years.

Who knows? Maybe James Harrison did hit Brown “one time” with what Brown alleges was an illegal helmet, but the internet isn’t buying it.

In fact, just about everyone pointed it out in the comments. And I mean EVERYONE.

So, clearly everyone and their mother thinks Antonio Brown forgot who he claims gave him CTE, which is obviously ironic in itself. Me? I’m not sure!

I don’t pretend to know if and when James Harrison knocked the crap out of Antonio Brown with an illegal helmet, so I’m not going to call AB a liar.

Harrison, by the way, is an ANIMAL. So I wouldn’t want to be calling him out regardless.

Written by Zach Dean

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