Antonio Brown Says Snapchat Was Hacked After Pornographic Material Leaks

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Antonio Brown is attempting to claim he had nothing to do with leaking sexually graphic material on his Snapchat.

The former NFL receiver had an incredibly sexually graphic image appear on his Snapchat of the mother of his children – Chelsie Kyriss – and she made it clear in an Instagram statement she didn’t consent to the image being shared. She also claimed she initially had trouble getting Snapchat to take it down.

OutKick won’t link to or share the image.

Chelsie Kyriss reacts to leaked sexual material. Sexually graphic material of her appeared on Antonio Brown’s Snapchat. He now claims he was hacked. (Credit: Instagram)

Antonio Brown claims it wasn’t his fault.

Eventually, Snapchat suspended Brown’s account, and he now wants people to believe he had nothing to do with sharing the pornographic image.

He tweeted Wednesday that his account had “been hacked” and he was working to get it fixed.

As we wrote earlier in the week, there’s the real possibility that if Brown shared the image and wasn’t actually hacked, he could have violated Florida law.

Florida’s revenge porn law is pretty cut and dry. Sharing sexually explicit content without consent and in an attempt to cause “substantial emotional distress” is a clear crime.

Sexually graphic material appeared on Antonio Brown’s Snapchat. He claims he was hacked. (Credit: Florida Legislature)

Another problem for Brown is that when the image was posted on his Snapchat, he appeared to be tweeting nonsense on his Twitter.

It wasn’t until a day later that he went with the hacked defense. He was trending on Twitter for his Snapchat content, but didn’t immediately address it.

Instead, he tweeted incoherent babbling thoughts.

This entire situation is just the latest embarrassing moment for the former NFL star. Will the hacked defense work? Time will tell, but either way, Brown continues to end up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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