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It didn’t take long before Marines stepped up offering support for one of their own

Friday, I mentioned how an old friend of Screencaps, newspaper cartoonist Jim Thompson, was having some difficulty finding a uniformed Marine to say hello to his father for his 100th birthday. Screencaps reader Don O. in Memphis was ready to step up for a fellow Marine while a retired Marine Colonel emailed me to say that if there wasn’t a resolution, he was going to get involved and let’s just say his military bio tells me there would’ve instant results.

“Hell, I would have flown out there myself if no one could do it,” the retired Colonel wrote via email last night.

Let’s all pump the brakes because I have great news straight from Jim.

“I’ve talked to a bunch of people – two congressmen and a lot of Marines. It will get done,” Jim writes. “One congressman said if he can’t get the Capt in charge of recruiting to get off his ass, he’d have the Marine Corp commandant show up. The support has been overwhelming.”

This is also a great time to promote Jim’s work. The guy is an absolute legend in the industry. Give him a follow.

Is this good?

Ice maker update

• Danny K. provides an update that I know many of you were waiting for:

Hey Joe just wanted to give you an update on the ice maker I got the misses for Christmas. I used the screencaps panel for my decision!! Went with the GE opal 2.0. Makes perfect ice and not too bad to clean up!! Plus the wife absolutely LOVES IT!! Thanks for the advice SC nation!!


I’ve asked Danny to provide a step-by-step on the cleaning process.

Three weeks ago, we had the neighbors over to see the basement for the first time and the conversation turned to household items that were on the radar — you know, typical conversation for people in their 40s these days — and the countertop ice maker was a hot topic. I explained how Screencaps readers had raised concerns about the cleaning process, but this could be very important new intel from Danny.

Let’s see what he sends back. Hey China, you’ll want to spy on my emails for this one.

Saturday morning update from a reader many of you were concerned for and he’s hitting us with some heavy material

• Jason D., a longtime emailer who wrote to me in August explaining how he was in a rough spot where he’s experiencing seizures and his wife was terrified of leaving him alone, has a life update:

Hey Joe, I’m checking in for the first time in a while with a wide range of topics so I apologize ahead of time.

My wife has taken a big step forward with her fear of leaving me alone overnight due to my seizures. She has agreed to meet a friend in St Louis that is flying in from Michigan. It is a two-night trip in June so I feel like we are starting to come out of this somewhat dark and unexpected part of our lives we have been dealing with for the past three years. This leads me to ask about the details for the Put-In-Bay Invitational. I feel like I might get a hall pass (not the marriage wrecking type) for a trip of my own. With the tremendous growth of the screencap community, I’m certain this will be a more popular event than ever. I would like to throw my ping pong ball into the Put-In-Bay draft lottery.

On a separate note, I’m curious about any non-typical Super Bowl Sunday traditions that readers may have. I’m talking food, drinks, or events.  I have three friends that I have known for over 30 years. About 10 years ago we started playing a round of golf on the morning of the Super Bowl. I live in Missouri so we have played in 60-degree weather all the way down to the upper 30s. It has been a great thing to maximize our time together as we only see each other twice a year. Unfortunately this year there will only be three of us playing. This leads me to the next and most depressing part of my email.

My closest friend for the last 30 years has just started serving a 20-year prison sentence for something horrible he did to a family member. I never saw it coming. The other two guys have completely written him off and don’t want anything to do with him. I feel pretty much the same way but a part of me thinks I need to help me in some way. I know there are readers of screencaps that have served time. Each individual is different but I’m curious if they have any advice for how I should proceed if I decide to stay in contact with him? Just being able to ask this question is another amazing example of how this community brings people together in various ways. 

Just so I don’t leave this email in such a heavy way I need to tell you what I’m currently experiencing. I’m writing this email from an indoor bounce house business as I watch my three kids, niece, and nephew on a snow day due to school being canceled. As expected, there are tons of kids and parents running around. What I did not expect to see are the two nuns that are here having the time of their lives. 

Thanks again Joe for creating a place that regular dudes from all walks of life can connect and learn from each other. 


Wow, Jason saved up some heavy stuff for his email. Let’s start with the easy stuff.

  1. The Put-In-Bay Invitational will be in July. I need to check with my co-host to confirm which weekend works best for his media career but based on the calendar, I would keep an eye on July 15 for the 5th Annual Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational.
  2. I’m sure there are many readers who have Super Bowl Sunday traditions to share. Over the last decade, I’ve been on the road many years returning home from Super Bowl media trips, so I typically went right to the couch.
  3. We definitely have ex-cons reading who will have an opinion on how to treat this situation, but this is where I have to ask how much energy you want to give someone who has done something “horrible” to a family member. Personally, I’d get on with my life. The friend clearly didn’t value his freedom enough to not do something “horrible” so the last thing I can afford in this situation is to expend energy on those who can’t get with the program. It doesn’t sound like we’re dealing with an old buddy who was running cocaine for the Mexican drug cartels.

A casual Saturday afternoon in Poppi, Italy

• Mike T. & Cindy T. got out of the villa today over in Italy and decided to check out the neighborhood:

Look at the league colors. That sticker looks amazing after all these days it has been on Mike T.’s rental. / via Mike T.


The beauty of the Mike T. & Cindy T. six-month winter trip to Europe is that we’re lucky enough to see what’s going on in small towns like Poppi (pop. 6,100). The castle you’re looking at is Castello dei Conti Guidi and it dates back to 1191 A.D.

The Ts just casually go check out this stuff on a relaxing February Saturday. That’s called livin’ the life, fellas.

BTW, here’s one of Mike T.’s latest grazing boards. Now we’re talking! The Italian boards look like more my style compared to the French boards.

College football ref Michael F. is back, but this time he’s not going to argue with you guys over the AFC Championship

• Michael F. wants to talk baseball:

Loving the column as always. Not here for any officiating talk today – I’ve come to the realization that I’m swimming against the tide on that, so I’ll just put my head down and do my job on the field. If I end up on the business end of an Outkick column one day because of a bonehead call I make, then that’s just the price of doing business.

Anyway, I read the letters from Charles F and Mike V the last couple of days and it brought me back to my own perfect game story. I was still living in Chicago back in 2009 and one afternoon toward the end of July I was scheduled to go to a golf outing. I was on the fence about going, and I realized the White Sox were playing that afternoon as well. I thought about going to the game instead because at that point in my life I rarely had an afternoon free to just go to a baseball game, but I decided against it and went to the golf outing as planned.

We got to the turn and the Sox game was on in the clubhouse, so when I went to grab a hot dog and a beer, I stopped to see how they were doing and watched as Dewayne Wise made his circus catch to save the perfect game that Mark Buehrle was throwing that afternoon. Needless to say, I was kicking myself for the choices I made that day.

Moral of the story: if you can go to the game, then go to the game.


Here I didn’t think Screencaps had been tough on NFL refs lately. As for Michael F.’s story on Wise’s catch….it checks out!

And that’s it for the first Saturday in February. It’s time to get those chores done around the house. I have to attack the laundry room because I can guarantee you I won’t be attacking the laundry room when it turns into Patio SZN.

Go have an incredible day.


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