Aaron Rodgers To The NFC South? Cris Collinsworth Floats Idea

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Aaron Rodgers and the Jets have been tied to the hip for weeks now, but Sunday Night Football analyst Cris ‘Here’s a Guy’ Collinsworth thinks he should look elsewhere.

For starters, maybe the NFC South? I hear old, future Hall of Fame QBs have a good history there.

“If I were advising Aaron, it would not be about the money … I think that, like Tom Brady, you pick your spot,” Collinsworth said on the Up & Adams show. “If I were his agent, I’d say, ‘Where are you going to win the Super Bowl?’

“You know, right now, the NFC South is still about the same way it was before. You go in there and you have to beat Derek Carr, and there are some teams that are looking for quarterbacks there right now.”

Aaron Rodgers to Falcons, Panthers or Bucs isn’t the worst idea

Honestly, it’s not a bad idea.

Probably won’t happen, but Collinsworth has a valid argument. You wanna face the Bills and Dolphins four times a year, or would you rather play in a division where last year’s winner finished 8-9?

As of today, the Saints are far and away the best team in the NFC South thanks to the addition of Derek Carr. Everyone else STINKS.

The Bucs say they’re rolling with Kyle Trask, which is laugh-out-loud funny and I’m a Gators fan. The Panthers are currently led by Sam Darnold. The Falcons were maybe the worst offense in the history of time last year.

Cris Collinsworth thinks Aaron Rodgers should look at NFC South instead of Jets.
Will the Panthers trade for Aaron Rodgers? (Credit: Getty Images)

Meanwhile in the AFC East, the Bills and Dolphins both made the playoffs while the Patriots are still a pain on defense.

I don’t know what Aaron Rodgers thought about during his darkness retreat last month, but I’m assuming that crossed his mind? Who knows what goes on in those caves.

Regardless, Rodgers and the Jets apparently talked earlier this week, and now we wait. Frankly, I’m just glad I got to hear Cris Collinsworth during the offseason.

It’s been far too long.

Written by Zach Dean

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