A Miracle! Gavin Newsom ‘Suddenly’ Has A Plan To Combat His State’s Fentanyl Problem

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Just two days after California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom smugly dismissed a concerned citizen about what he would be doing to help stop the growing fentanyl crisis, the Governor ‘suddenly’ has a plan!

California has now directed the National Guard and California Highway Patrol to assist local authorities as they help combat the spread of the dangerous drug.

The move – although welcomed, comes only after Newsom insultingly brushed off questions regarding San Francisco’s drug crisis. At one point he mocked someone by responding “You need to tell me what we need to do.” Oh wow, good one Gavin!

California Governor Gavin Newsom was criticized for his response to questions related to the drug crisis. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)


On Wednesday, Twitter user JJ Smith posted video of Newsom leaving a meeting with San Francisco officials after discussing the city’s dangerous growth of homelessness and drug use that has destroyed so many lives.

Smith – who has spent many years trying to help addicts recover, asked Newson a simple question: “Hey, Gavin, tell me what you going to do about the fentanyl epidemic?”

Newsom seemed to be shocked that a citizen, or peasant in his eyes, would dare question his holiness.


I guess we should be giving JJ credit for coming up with the new National Guard plan then!

So thank you, JJ, for actually having some sense of urgency to do something to help save people’s lives. I’m sure Newsom will be sending your check in the mail any day now for using your ideas.

On a more serious note, the fact that JJ had to tweet “I know he wishes I wasn’t there,” after asking the Governor a simple question is actually pretty damn depressing. It doesn’t really bring about the hope that the future Presidential candidate is sure to claim he’ll deliver to disenfranchised people and cities.


It’s important to remember clips like these in the months and years ahead. These off-the-cuff responses are how many of these politicians actually are. Don’t let their polished suits and lobbyist-inspired campaign slogans change that.

California’s reputation has been absolutely decimated in recent years thanks to Newsom’s policies. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the state for a multitude of reasons.

San Francisco especially has become one of America’s worst cities – much of it driven by the fentanyl crisis that the Governor JUST realized he should maybe do something about.

But maybe he didn’t have any other choice. Ya know, since the city and its Leftist City Council have all but destroyed the police force. So much so that they are now proposing emergency powers that would bring about a fully staffed police department BY THE YEAR 2028.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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