Zach Wilson Sleeping With His Mom’s Best Friend Question Stumps NFL Insider

NFL Insider® Ian Rapoport wants us to believe he doesn’t know anything about Zach Wilson (allegedly) sleeping with his mom’s best friend. We’re talking about a guy who knows absolutely everything about the League® including all the juiciest of gossip yet Rapoport says this one is outside his pay grade.

“Zach Wilson f–k his mom’s friend?” Pat McAfee bluntly asked the Insider® hall of famer, who should know these things.

“I don’t know,” Rapoport responded during a Monday morning hit where he was grilled on the NFL story of the summer unless you’re a psycho and you care about the Deshaun Watson suspension storyline.

“There is a lot of news I will try and break and get to the bottom of. I feel pretty comfortable leaving this one on the table,” Rapoport told McAfee.

It sounds like Rapoport is going to be a good NFL employee/soldier and ignore the story that has rocked the NFL to its core. We’re talking about a story that future generations will write think pieces on for years to come.

Hey Rapoport, you been on vacation or something? Get to the bottom of this. How can you call yourself an Insider® if you’re not willing to get into the mud?

Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa, begged Internet sleuths to stop calling her hot friends after a photo of said hot friends surfaced / Getty Images / Instagram

“I saw his social media post, which I believe 100 percent that he turned off his phone, had no service, and really truly did not know what was going on,” Rapoport concluded.

In an Instagram post that was hailed by elite athletes who love a salacious cougar pop culture story, Wilson claimed he was in Idaho (which he was) and wasn’t aware why he was trending around the world.

Zach Wilson has received support from athletes and even Janet Gretzky, who met with Wilson during the QB’s visit to Idaho with teammates / Getty Images

At the same time, Wilson’s mom was begging internet sleuths to stop calling her hot friends as they tried to bust open the case.

While Rapoport is busy staying as far away from this one as possible, McAfee, like adult legend Lisa Ann, is officially on the Wilson bandwagon.

“I think Zach should be pumped about this,” McAfee told Rapoport. “Obviously his ex-girlfriend is not but who knows what the truth is and obviously Ian will never find out for us.”

As for Abbey Gile, the ex-girlfriend who fired off the allegation about her ex-boyfriend, her Instagram page remains deleted as this drama completely backfired for her. She thought fans would be shocked over an NFL QB sleeping with his mom’s best friend.

It turns out it was one of the worst calculations in getting back at an ex in the history of dating.

Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile / Instagram Story

Written by Joe Kinsey

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