Zach Wilson’s Mom Begs Internet To Stop Calling Her Hot Friends As Photo Of Hot Friends Surfaces

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Jets quarterback Zach Wilson’s mom is officially begging the Internet to stop calling her hot friends to figure out which one (allegedly) slept with her son, according to a rumor dropped over the weekend by his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile.

Lisa Wilson, who has a huge group of hot friends, fired up her trusty Instagram Story account where she can fire off upwards of 30 updates per day — maybe more, I quit watching for months until this juicy rumor was launched — to tell Internet i-Team investigators to stop calling her hot friends in an attempt to bust this Zach Wilson story wide open.

“My friends are freaking amazing. By the way, stop calling my friends,” Lisa Wilson announced Monday night after saying earlier in the night that her new followers should come to the dance class she was leading to see her hot friends.

Put it this way, Lisa Wilson is 100% aware of this explosive drama that is causing headlines around the world.

The drama took a twist Monday when sleuths started digging into a now-defunct Lisa Wilson Instagram account that features a 2019 photo of her friends. It is there in the comment section where i-Teams have assembled to figure out which of Lisa’s friends Zach (allegedly*) slept with, as Gile announced to the world.

Go ahead, scan the room.

While Lisa Wilson has yet to fully address the rumor, Monday was quite a day from her account. She made mention of washing her car and sheets in what could be a reference to washing away these rumors. She joked about coming to see her hot friends at the dance class and then finished off the night by saying enough was enough from those calling her friends.

It’s unclear how i-Teams figured out phone numbers for Lisa’s friends, but that’s where we stand right now.

So far, Lisa’s Tuesday has included a spin class where she mentioned her hot students and that was followed by a lunch update with her “sexy” friend.

Call me crazy, but it’s starting to seem like Lisa is enjoying the clout that comes with her NFL quarterback possibly banging one of her best friends — allegedly.

If Lisa was in the mood of shutting this down completely, she has a weird way of showing it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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