Zach Wilson’s Christmas Present To Jets Offensive Line Raises Questions About Mike White, QB Gifting Protocol

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Zach Wilson played Santa Claus on Wednesday and presented his offensive line a new set of wheels for the holiday season. It was a great gesture, and nothing out of the ordinary within the NFL, but it raises a few questions about quarterback gifting protocol.

Wilson, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, has had a tumultuous start to his career. The former BYU Cougars signal-caller is 8-13 as a starter and continues to struggle.

He was benched in favor of Mike White earlier this year and seemingly lost the locker room, but regained the starting job last weekend by default after an injury kept his counterpart from suiting up. Wilson struggled in his return and was booed at home, but made two particularly strong plays in a demoralizing loss to Detroit.

While head coach Robert Saleh may have had a decision to make after the losing effort in regard to the quarterback position, White was ruled out again on a short week. Wilson will start for the Jets on Thursday night.

About 24 hours before taking the field against the Jaguars, he took a moment to express his gratitude toward his offensive linemen. Wilson gave each of them a brand new scooter.

At no less than $2,300 each, nine Dumber Scooters totals $20,700. It’s not a cheap gift.

Wilson went all-out, and even supported a company that is based in Draper, Utah near where he grew up. All-in-all, it was really well doneβ€” especially considering his standing with the team just a few weeks ago.

Wilson’s gift is awesome and his mom called him “one of the most generous people” she knows.

Zach Wilson’s gift raises questions.

NFL quarterbacks giving something nice to their offensive line during the holiday season is nothing new. It is common practiceβ€” Jalen Hurts did it earlier this week.

However, with all of the excitement and social media hype surrounding Wilson’s gift, there was no publicity surrounding a gift from White. There are questions to be asked.

  • Did White get the offensive line anything?
  • If he did, why did nobody share it online?
  • Is it something that quarterbacks want to be shared?
  • When does a gift warrant social media publicity?
  • Does the responsibility of an o-line gift fall on the guy who started the season as the starter?
    • How does that work?
  • Is it something that the offensive line expects?
  • Are gift expectations delineated by salary? Whichever quarterback makes more money?
  • Will White see Wilson’s gesture and try to match?
  • If he doesn’t gift the offensive line at Christmas, will they look at him differently?

What Wilson did for his Big Uglies is really cool of him. At the same time, it creates a lot of curiosity surrounding NFL quarterback gifting protocols.

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