Jalen Hurts Delivers Offensive Linemen Early Christmas Gifts

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Jalen Hurts is having one heck of a year and he knows how to pay it forward to keep that going.

The Philadelphia Eagles QB made sure he got quite the Christmas list for the big guys whose job is to keep from eating a faceful of turf.

To do that, he shelled out some serious coin for Louis Vuitton bags for not just his starting linemen, but all the reserves, and even the hard-working fellas on the practice squad.

Those bags can cost a couple thousand dollars apiece. I’m not a great math guy, but if you multiply that by all the linemen Hurts had on his list, you get a Louis Vuitton salesperson who just made quite the commission.

I like when QBs feel obligated to give the linemen a gift. They’re the guys who are protecting them from getting annihilated in the backfield. The better they do the better the team does, and the fewer ice packs and cortisone shot the QB needs.

Everyone wins.

I think these gifts should be reflective of their performance. The Eagles one of have the best O-lines in the NFL, so they deserve those Louis Vuitton bags. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t kill Jalen Hurts to throw a nice Ruth’s Chris gift card in those bad boys either. They’ve been that good.

If the team is struggling, the QB still needs to get them a gift. It just won’t be nearly as good as Louis Vuitton bags or Jordans.

Maybe one of those popcorn tins with cheese, caramel, and buttered popcorn.

As delicious as they are, those really scream “Merry Christmas: I’m obligated to get you a gift. I’m still picking grass out of my teeth after all the sacks.”

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Written by Matt Reigle

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