Zach Wilson’s Self-Proclaimed ‘Super Power’ Is Extremely Ironic As Boos Rain Down During Disappointing Loss At MetLife Stadium

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Zach Wilson started for the Jets in a loss the Lions that all-but eliminated New York from playoff contention on Sunday afternoon. However, it was not by choice.

Head coach Robert Saleh did not grant the former No. 2 overall draft pick the starting job. He was forced to give it to him by default.

Wilson, who began the year as QB1, struggled through the first few weeks of the season. And then, after a loss to the Patriots, in which he completed just nine of 22 pass attempts, the former BYU signal-caller refused to take any responsibility.

That ruffled some feathers within the locker room.

Not long thereafter, Saleh turned to his bench. He sat Zach Wilson in favor of Mike White and the Jets beat the Bears by three scores in a sloppy game at home.

Other players were very celebratory of their new quarterback after the win.

Since then, despite losing each of the last two games, White has had the full support of his teammates.

Unfortunately for White, an injury suffered last weekend that keep him out of this Sunday’s game against Detroit.

Zach Wilson tagged back in and Saleh was grasping at straws to find a positive

The head coach referenced Wilson’s college days… during his second season in the NFL. Saleh didn’t have a single moment to reference from 2021 or 2022. Yikes.

To make things even funnier, Wilson was featured in a TikTok that asked NFL players to say their super powers. With a straight-face, the 23-year-old said “decision making.”

This, of course, is rather ironic. Zach Wilson was benched largely due to his lack of decision making.

Here is just one of many examples:

In addition, Wilson’s decision not to take any blame for the New England loss was also a bad one. Perhaps decision making is not his super power?

To make matters worse, Zach Wilson was booed at home in his first start back.

Sunday’s game did not go well for the Jets. They lost by three after failing to make a lengthy field goal at the buzzer.

In the loss, Wilson completed just 18-of-35 passes, a 51% completion percentage.

To his credit, his first touchdown of the day came on a nice throw back across the field.

Zach Wilson later made a heck of a play to set up the game-tying attempt in the fourth quarter.

But, with the positive moments already mentioned, his lone interception was abysmal.

It did not reflect good decision making.

And then there was this atrocity:

That specific throw led to the second-year quarterback being booed at his home stadium.

Ultimately, Zach Wilson was not the reason that the Jets lost. It was not entirely on his shoulders.

But with that being said, he played a large role in the result. His decision-making isn’t his super power.

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  1. Lions fan, will gladly take the dub but let’s see if Saleh takes credit for the terrible clock management at the end. Happy he let a bunch of clock run but with that near-miracle fourth and 19 completion by Zach at the end they may have been in realistic FG range with the 30 seconds and 2 TOs Salah wasted. Wilson is clearly better off script, but the failure at the end is on the staff.

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