Jets Players Reportedly Growing Tired Of Zach Wilson’s Attitude

Zach Wilson’s teammates are reportedly growing frustrated with him.

The Jets dropped an ugly game 10-3 Sunday to the Patriots, and after the game Wilson claimed he didn’t feel like he let the defense down.

Wilson finished with 77 passing yards on 9/22 passing, and the offense was unbelievably bad.

Well, some of his teammates are apparently done with his attitude. SNY reported that Wilson was behaving after the game “like he isn’t the problem,” and that frustrated and “rubbed” his teammates “the wrong way.”

His teammates were reportedly already not happy with him before his comments about not letting the defense down went viral. As SNY pointed out, the situation definitely isn’t going to get better now.

Zach Wilson has been a huge disappointment.

Wilson has arguably had the worst season of any starting QB in the NFL. In seven games this season, he has four touchdowns to five interceptions and has passed for fewer than 1,300 yards. He’s also only completing 55.6% of his passes. The numbers are brutal.

Then, after getting embarrassed with his play Sunday, he claimed he didn’t feel like he did anything wrong when it came to letting the defense down.

Zach Wilson has struggled for most of the season. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

The Jets held the Patriots to just 10 points. Generally speaking, you can win in that situation if you have an offense capable of doing even the bare minimum.

Instead, Wilson completed a grand total of nine passes. The Jets might be 6-4, but that’s not because of Wilson. In his last three starts, the team is 1-2 and he has a combined 231 passing yards in his last two matchups. Not great at all.

Jets players reportedly growing frustrated with Zach Wilson. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

We’ll see if any teammates publicly speak out against him, but right now, it sounds like the situation is deteriorating.

Written by David Hookstead

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