Yankees Minor League Skipper Rachel Balkovec Goes Full Aaron Boone, Gets Ejected By Female Umpire, Which Has To Make History

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You wanna break some barriers? Oh, they’re breaking them down in the minors, baby! In a moment for the record books, Rachel Balkovec, skipper of the New York Yankees’ Low-A affiliate, was ejected Friday by a female umpire.

It was Rachel’s first ever ejection and, my guess is, the first time a woman umpire did the tossing.

I can’t verify that for sure, but I feel pretty secure in saying we’ve never had a female ump toss a female manager in a professional baseball game.

Somewhere, Aaron Boone — who gets ejected 15 times a month — is smiling.

Rachel Balkovec, skipper of the New York Yankees' Low-A affiliate, was ejected Friday by a female umpire.

Rachel Balkovec ejected by female umpire in Yankees minor league game

I can’t find video of the incident, which is sad. I tried my hardest, but Twitter is also a mess today and Elon Musk is apparently limiting how many tweets you can see now, so I came up empty.

Anyway, the incident apparently occurred in the eighth inning and stemmed from a disputed call at first. Balkovec evidently thought the first baseman’s foot came off the bag and argued the call to the point of ejection.

Love it. Hope she went full Bobby Cox on the unidentified female umpire. This is her second full year as manager of the Tampa Tarpons, and her first ejection? You HAVE to make that one count, right?

I’m talking crawling on the ground like Davey Martinez did last week or just taking the base and heading home ala Lloyd McClendon. I’d take either one, but I’m hoping Rachel Balkovec here did one or the other.

Anyway, it’s obviously newsworthy because we’ve never had a female ump toss a female manager, so that’s cool. I’m all for it.

Here’s to many more, skip!

Written by Zach Dean

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