Yankees Brad Wilkerson Assumes John Schneider’s ‘Shut Up, Fat Boy’ Was Aimed At Him

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It’s still unclear, who Blue Jays manager John Schneider was referring to when he said “Shut up fat boy, shut up” at someone. However, Yankees assistant hitting coach Brad Wilkerson assumes it was him.

Aw, c’mon, Brad. There were plenty of other fat boys he could’ve been talking to,

It happened during Tuesday night’s Blue Jays-Yankees game, which was the first following Monday night’s Aaron Judge eye-shifting controversy.

In the third inning, Schneider and Toronto pitching coach Pete Walker became agitated with where the Yankees had positioned their base coaches. Then, while the umpires were working this out, Schneider uttered his “fat boy” jab.

Schneider has not revealed who he was talking to, but Wilkerson assumes he is the mysterious “fat boy.” In The New York Posts’ article trying to determine who the mysterious fat boy was, they noted that Wilkerson wasn’t really involved in the incident surrounding the base coaches.

Nonetheless, he thinks it may be him.

“I’d like to hear it from his end, but stuff happens,” Wilkerson said on Wednesday, per The New York Post. “We try to stay in our dugout. Some things happened over at third base and we were trying to defend our guys. I didn’t know anything about it until after the game when I saw the writeups and [it was] shown all over TV.

“I guess it was pointed at me.”

It’s objectively hilarious that Wilkerson heard Schneider call someone “fat boy” then immediately assumed he was talking to him. I’m wondering if this was a situation where Wilkerson realized he was the chunkiest of anyone Schneider could’ve been talking to, then narrowed it down to himself as the target.

Wilkerson did seem to be a good sport about it whether he was the fat boy in question or not.

“There were a few snickers,” he said. “I made them know that there were a couple guys in that New York Post picture too. It wasn’t just me. So I let them know about it too.”

“I think when you see stuff flash across the New York Post and things like that that are funny, you kind of bring it up,” he added. “You kind of laugh at it. We’re trying to focus on what we’re doing in our dugout and our clubhouse. It brought a little laughter.”

Hopefully, we find out sooner or later who Schneider was talking to in what could go down as baseball’s “Have another donut” moment.

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