‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Is Taking Her Talents To Playboy Due To All The ‘Smutty Content’ On OnlyFans

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Is Playboy back? All signs point to yes. Last week the “men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine” announced that they’re firing up the printing presses to re-launch their magazine and now they have the “World’s Hottest Grandma” taking her talents to their exclusive content platform Centerfold full-time.

If those aren’t signs that they’re back I don’t know what is. Not everyone is landing Gina Stewart. As a matter of fact, the 52-year-old’s move to Playboy means she’s turning her back on OnlyFans and that platform’s increase in porn.

World's Hottest Grandma Gina Stewart Joins Playboy Over OnlyFans
World’s Hottest Grandma taking her talents to Playboy’s Centerfold platform (Image Credit: Gina Stewart/Instagram)

The mother of four and grandmother to three said of the move, “Due to so many people joining and all of the hardcore pornography, it’s lost its luster a bit.”

Playboy’s approach to the exclusive content game is much different that OnlyFans’. Everyone and their momma/grand momma is free to join OnlyFans. Playboy on the other hand must approve anyone hoping to become a Centerfold content creator.

“I prefer the more glamorous appeal that Playboy offers. My content will be very Playboy-esque and glamorous,” she added. “Let’s bring back glamour and move away from smutty content.”

Stewart joined Playboy’s platform several weeks ago, before criticizing OnlyFans. She said at the time, in the form on an Instagram announcement, “I just couldn’t pass up on such an amazing opportunity like this to be included in this incredibly Iconic magazine and a part of seven decades of history to be a playboy Centerfold model.”

“I am very excited for what’s ahead,” she added. “A big shout out to you guys for always being so awesome and thank you Playboy. I hope everyone has a great weekend. link is in my bio.”

The “World’s Hottest Grandma” Is Quite The Title

While it’s obvious from her comments that Stewart prefers Playboy, my research – I clicked the link in the bio – reveals that she hasn’t shutdown her OnlyFans yet.

Now it’s worth noting that she hasn’t posted on the platform in more than a year either, at least not outside of the DMs. It could just take some time to wind down an operation on an exclusive content platform – I wouldn’t know.

On top of all her exclusive platform fun, Stewart told the Post she’s single and ready to mingle. She’s not looking for anything in particular and expects to fall in love when she least expects it.

And for anyone looking to shoot their shot with the Centerfold model, the “World’s Hottest Grandma” tends to attract younger men and is open to it. She said, “To be honest, so many younger men love older women. I probably get more requests from the younger generation than my generation.”

Sounds like the DMs are open for those looking for a connection with a grandma who makes Playboy content. Good luck.

Written by Sean Joseph

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