Women’s Basketball Teammates Throw Punches After World Cup Loss

A pair of teammates from the Mali women’s national basketball team did not take a recent loss well at all.

Forward Salimatou Kourouma was not a happy camper after the team’s 81-68 loss to Serbia. However, instead of using the L as bulletin board material, the 23-year-old decided to throw hands with her 17-year-old teammate Kamite Elisabeth Dabou.

The two even interrupted a Serbian player’s post-game interview while they worked out their differences.

These ladies wear their emotions on their sleeves, but there are certainly better ways to voice your frustrations.

Maybe smash a Surface tablet. That works. Ask Ken Dorsey

The loss to Serbia wasn’t the first one Mali had been handed in the tournament. The Sunday game was their fourth… in four games.

Once cooler heads prevailed, the two appeared at a press conference to issue an apology for their actions.

You never want to see teammates fighting, but if they’re going to you’d like to see it rally the team together, sort of like how Herb Brooks used it In the movie Miracle.

That’s not what happened.

Mali — which, by the way, if you’re not geographically inclined, is a country in western Africa — lost their next game to Canada by a score of 88-65.

Whether or not their post-game fisticuffs were properly channeled isn’t important. What is important is that both players owned up to their actions.

Good on ya, ladies.

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