Wild Fight Breaks Out On Houston’s Sideline As Tempers Flare Amongst Teammates While Losing To Kansas

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The thought of losing to Kansas had tempers at an all-time high on the Houston sideline on Saturday. Frustrations boiled over and led to a heated fight amongst teammates.

After getting out to a hot start and taking a 14-0 lead, the Cougars allowed the Jayhawks to climb back into the game and take a 28-14 lead at halftime. Not long after the second half got underway, a wild scene proceeded to unfold on the home sideline.

Although the exact root of the disagreement is unclear, there are conclusions that can be drawn. It seemed to stem from an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that was called on wide receiver Samuel Brown as Houston was driving.

While the penalty flag lay on the playing surface, Brown exited the field with his helmet off. Shortly thereafter, fellow pass-catcher Joseph Manjack IV also made his way over to the sideline.

As he did, Manjack raised his arms as if to say “what are you doing?!” and had some words for Brown. In response, Brown stepped forward, chirped back and grabbed Manjack’s facemask.

Manjack brought the disagreement to the ground and the two continued to shout at each while scrapping on the turf. Their teammates eventually broke things up, but it was a wild scene.

Here is a look at how the fight amongst teammates started on the Houston sideline:

Here is a better look at how things ended:

Considering that the Cougars were losing to a Jayhawks team that has been a laughing stock in recent years, pressure and tension was at an all-time high. Manjack didn’t seem to appreciate Brown’s personal foul, which hurt the momentum of a potential scoring drive.

What happened next was simply unacceptable. Head coach Dana Holgorsen will have a lot to discuss with his players after the game and the Manjack/Brown melee will be atop the list.

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