Will Levis’ Sister Seems Ready For A Revenge Tour After NFL Draft Disaster

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Kelley Levis has broken her silence.

The viral sensation sister of new Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis had been quiet through the NFL Draft process that saw her turn into a superstar Thursday night in Kansas City while her brother was turned into a national joke.

Now it’s Kelley Levis’ turn to release a statement on the weekend proceedings and it sure sounds like this sister is ready for her brother to go on a revenge tour.

“Now let’s show ’em @will_levis #titanup,” Kelley announced Monday on Instagram.


Meanwhile, Will’s girlfriend, Gia Duddy, sent out her own press release social media statement this weekend when she posted a photo of a car radio playing Morgan Wallen’s song, “I Love Tennessee.” She also posted random Instagram Story content, including Titans cupcakes made for Will.

It’s starting to look like even though Thursday night was a complete disaster, things worked out for Will Levis, his sister and his girlfriend. Will is in the NFL, he has a rookie contract and now he gets a chance to beat out Ryan Tannehill and get revenge on all those teams who swore they would draft him in the first round.

“Let the adventure begin… Nashville here we come !! It’s hard to put in words what it’s like watching your best friend’s dreams come true. Proud would be an understatement— I don’t know anyone more deserving. Time to get back to work @will_levis . TITAN UP❤️‍🔥🤠💙,” Duddy wrote on Instagram Monday afternoon.

It sounds like everyone is in on this revenge tour, even the girlfriend who looked so distraught at the Draft.

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