Hooters Kayla Is Ready To Sling Wings, Will Levis’ Girlfriend Looks Distraught & Jerry Springer’s Baby Mama Honor Guard

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How are we feeling about the NFL Draft ’23?

Before I get into my draft analysis, I’d like to thank Goodell & his NFL goons for not starting the draft until most Americans had finished mowing.

Now, let’s get into this:

  1. I had to change the Draft coverage from ABC’s GameDay crew to NFL Network once I heard Kirk Herbstreit telling us how Bryce Young is the Steph Curry of quarterbacks and how he has Steph Curry court vision. Shut the hell up. This was ABC/ESPN cross-promoting its NBA coverage. Sickening. Instantly changed the channel.
  2. NFL Network’s coverage was the perfect blend of vanilla and football that I was looking for. Just give me the picks, video of the guys walking a half-mile from the green room and hugging it out with Goodell.
  3. Can we stop it with calling the draft picks “kids?” I must’ve heard that at least a few times last night. These guys were making NIL money and working for brands in 2022. Stop it.
  4. I’m fine with the networks shoving a camera in Will Levis’ face all night. At the end of the day, this is entertainment and he agreed to let ESPN/NFL Network control the narrative for the fame associated with being at the Draft. It’s a business deal.
  5. There has to be someone out there who’s tracked NFL Draft green room girlfriends and how many end up sticking with their meal tickets all the way through his NFL career. Something tells me Levis’ girlfriend won’t make it to the finish line.
  6. Imagine the process of proving you’re a big enough NFL superfan to end up in the team box in front of the stage and then having to pretend you loved the pick.
  7. Did you see the Bud Light commercial with a country theme featuring Zac Brown’s “Chicken Fried?” I hope OutKick’s David Hookstead is able to track down whether that was planned before the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco or if this was a reaction to the backlash. By the way, this is how the brands also try to play all sides. They’re very inclusive of your dollars.
  8. We’re living during these times when we just can’t have a draft. We have to turn it into the Grammys, Oscars and ESPYs all on one night in the name of eyeballs to satisfy the sponsors.

• Look I’m all for making piles of cash, but was it necessary to sneak the Jonas Brothers in for any other reason than so TikTok dorks would cut the footage and share it with their fellow dorks?

• It’s a shame the NFL is so soft these days that we can’t get an analyst to say a pick sucked, the guy is going to be a complete bust and the GM should be fired. Mel Kiper isn’t trending this morning, so I assume he didn’t say any of that.

• I’ll stand by my prediction that C.J. Stroud will flame out of the league before the end of his rookie contract. I’ll also predict the Falcons and Lions reached big time by taking running backs. Jahmyr Gibbs is probably a really nice guy and an incredible athlete, but even he was surprised to have been picked at No. 12 by the Lions. He’s still a running back! The Steelers got Najee Harris at 24th overall in 2021. Am I to believe the Lions couldn’t have traded out of the 12th pick and still snagged Gibbs?

That was a big reach at 12. Let’s see how this works out.

• It’s so weird to not see the Cleveland Browns making 10 picks in the first round. At this point, the Browns won’t have a No. 1 in 2024 due to the Deshaun Watson deal.

Screencaps appreciation

• Steve C. writes:

You can post pics of MIKAYLA DEMAITER  all day, any day. Wow. 

The good Lord above did not make ‘em like that when I was coming along. 

Sure wish I could grow a pair of tits, hook my thumb in my boxers, stare off into the distance, and make millions!


Steve, it’s 2023. You can always go the Dylan Mulvaney route and pretend to be a woman frolicking on the beach. Just get real good at TikTok and Instagram and let the brands fight over your services.

• 71-year-old Al in Lansing, MI writes about Liz Hurley and Salma Hayek:

I NEVER take the 2 of them for granted! I have been remiss in expressing my thanks.


Thank you for saying it, Al.

• Florida Chris B. writes:

…thanks for la Hurley, la Hayek, la Funes, and their contemporaries. Hotness is fleeting (or artificial), but their beauty is timeless.

• Chris B. in Houston adds:

I too am a fan of you posting pretty 50 somethings.  I also like the pretty food & landscapes.  I am not sure if calling me a travel ball hardo is really accurate though.  I have certainly lived a shipload of it, but I loved rec ball (errr, house ball).  To you & all the other screencaps daddy ball coaches – savor every minute of it.  Time flies and it will be over before you know it.  And take it easy on those umps.

• Kevin J. writes on the inclusivity of Silvia Funes:

I meant to email you when you first posted her- she’s magnificent. Keep mixing in the aged-to-perfection models, please! Glad to see Screencaps is going so well for you- I’m a daily reader.

LIV Golf on the C Dubya

• Austin C. writes:

Been a fan of the LIV product this year.  No login info necessary for the CW App.  Honestly it’s no different than going to the HBO/Netflix app etc.  It’s almost like it should be called the LIV App instead.  The ads are still lame because they are targeted at people that watch the CW, but it’s ridiculously easy to access.  Give it a go!

The State of Grilling heading into the Summer of ’23

• Hunter in Arkansas writes:

Saw Guy G’s grilling comments and love it. Thought I’d share my favorite way to cook a ribeye (only steak worth eating, right?). Get a good thick bone in rib-eye, use some good lump charcoal and get it red hot (can use your blower to get them as hot as possible if you like), and then put your steaks directly on the coals.

2 minutes a side will give you a perfect medium rare and a great crust. Rest the steaks for 5-10 minutes with a little butter and dig in. Everyone thinks they’ll be gritty or ashy but they’re not at all. Give it a try if you haven’t. I think you’ll really like it. 

Thanks for all you do, keep up the great work! Screencaps is part of my morning routine now. Have a great weekend!


When I opened Hunter’s email, I thought he was grilling a bone-in inside a car wheel.

Guys, let’s see how you’re grilling in the Summer of 2023. And if you’re a millennial, teach these old timers a thing or two. Someone change the grilling game this summer.

• Grillmaster Jason S. writes:

Big thanks to Guy G. In New York for the tip this morning. I’ve done steaks that way and they are on point, but I’ve never thought about doing pork chops using that method. Guess I know what I’m cooking this weekend. 

Pizza oven advice needed

• Kenn from West Michigan writes:

I needed to get an early Thursday mow in. We have a varsity lacrosse game tonight. Not to mention it snowed 3 of the last 10 days. They actually had to build fires outside the apple orchards so the blooms didn’t die in the sub 32° weather this week. 

I wanted to put a topic out there for the group. I’ve been doing an exhaustive amount of research on a dual-fuel pizza oven under $500. I was in Costco the other night I saw they had a Solo stove one. It looked promising, did some quick googling no gas conversion kit, no peel and other needed accessories. Who has some recommendations in that price range? 


I’m sure there are others who could use pizza oven advice. Yes, I think we already went over this last year, but there are thousands of new readers coming in by the day. Let’s do this again.

Email : joekinsey@gmail.com

Has this ever worked?

While we’re talking about workplace safety this week:

• Johnny R. writes:

Hey Joe…I thought I sent this earlier, but it’s not in my sent items so I’m sending it again.

If you liked the German forklift video, you’ll love this 1975 video from Caterpillar.  We still keep this video in the safety meeting rotation about once every year.  If you have a strong stomach FF to 15:00.  Probably should issue a trigger warning here, but I don’t think this community needs it. The song is a classic too!  

While I’m thinking of it…do we need a TNML safety meeting??

Backed up toilet update

• Adam D. in Manhattan, Kansas writes:

SC community is undefeated! David B. Called it. We put some Dawn dishwater soap in the toilet before my son used it. Went down with no issues!! Thank you for your help.

That’s the perfect way to head into the weekend. Adam D’s shitter is working again and we end the week on a high note.

It’s going to be a rainy, miserable day here in northern Ohio, so it’s going to be a perfect day to blog my ass off and get ahead of the game so I can go golfing at the asscrack of dawn tomorrow morning.

Go have an incredible day.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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