Will Levis Puts Mayonnaise In His Coffee And Eats Bananas With Full Peel Making His NFL Draft Status More Mystifying

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Former Kentucky Will Levis is one of the most intriguing quarterbacks heading into the NFL Draft, which is just a few weeks away.

Longtime ESPN NFL Draft Guru Mel Kiper has been an advocate for the QB since since he began evaluating the Wildcats’ gun slinger. Back in early October, Kiper had Levis as his No. 1 overall QB prospect ahead of the two frontrunners now — Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.

“Levis is the guy in an NFL offense at Kentucky, has had some rough moments with the turnovers, I get that. But he’s at Kentucky, the offensive line hasn’t helped him that much, he has to work hard for what he does there, and that’s in the NFL, it doesn’t come easy,” Kiper said during an appearance on ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill and Max.

As recent as Saturday morning, Kiper called Levis as the biggest storyline heading into the NFL Draft — and while Kiper has taken a slight step back, but believes Kiper is the second best QB behind Bryce Young and stated on ESPN he should be the second QB off the board.

OutKick founder Clay Travis was stunned at Kiper’s take, and has him rated much much lower.

Other die-hard SEC followers and media members shared a similar opinion.

Widely Different views on Will Levis

Former Tennessee and Virginia Tech QB Hendon Hooker has been gaining momentum according to NFL.com and other sources. Many believe he’s the third best QB option behind Young and Stroud.

 NFL Media reports multiple teams now have him ranked as the third-best QB in his class, ahead of Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Kentucky’s Will Levis.

The NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah has Young as the top player in the Class of 2023, while Stroud is his QB2 and No. 7 overall prospect on his latest big board. He has Richardson at No. 10 overall and Levis at No. 12.

ESPN NFL Draft expert Todd McShay has Levis dropping to No. 14, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trading up to land him. He wrote that the young Kentucky quarterback has “some stuff to work on—namely his footwork and turnover avoidance—but he has the physical traits to be a franchise quarterback. He comes from a pro-style offense, has a massive arm and can tuck and run with physicality.”

The 23-year-old threw for 5,876 yards, 46 touchdowns and 25 interceptions in 38 college games, completing 64.9 percent of his passes

Will Levis Has Some Odd Eating And Drinking Habits

NFL teams may evaluate potential prospects more than the FBI. They want to know every single thing before drafting a player, especially when it comes to a potential franchise single caller

Levis recently sent out a tweet that shined light on two odd, downright bizarre habits — that may or may not effect is draft stock — but they raise eyebrows for sure.

Who eats a full banana, peel and all? Is this normal at all?

Then the top-rated quarterback revealed he likes mayonnaise in his coffee. Who knows, maybe these oddities will help him when it comes to getting his name called, but both seem strange — and utterly gross — to me.

This isn’t the only pre-draft post that has raise alarm and criticism.

Colin Cowherd wasn’t impressed by Will Levis sharing muscle pictures.

Colin Cowherd wasn’t impressed with Will Levis showing off the fact he’s in shape.

The former Kentucky QB and likely first round pick made some waves when he shared photos

“Now, he’s releasing pictures and showing how jacked he is. There are no great quarterbacks in league history who look like bodybuilders. Ever … Will Levis probably thinks ‘I’m the man,’ and NFL execs I’ve talked to are thinking, ‘You’re the man with no self-awareness,’” Cowherd said during the Thursday episode of “The Herd.”

“The gun show stuff, turn off … This is a lack of self-awareness. Maybe, he’s surrounded with too many of his guys and too many of his yes men. You don’t want to be doing pictures in your bathroom like every loser on the internet,” the FS1 star further said as he drove the knife deeper.

Kiper is right about one thing, Levis is one of the most interesting storylines heading into the NFL Draft. He could hear his name called in the top five, or slip to the second round. It will be must-watch TV for sure.

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