Colin Cowherd Roasts Will Levis For Posting Muscle Pictures

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Colin Cowherd wasn’t impressed with Will Levis showing off the fact he’s in shape.

The former Kentucky QB and likely first round pick made some waves when he shared photos of himself on social media looking more like a bodybuilder than an elite passer.

Cowherd, like many others, wasn’t impressed by Levis‘ antics on social media. In fact, he thinks it’s a sign Will Levis has zero self-awareness.

Colin Cowherd wasn’t impressed by Will Levis sharing muscle pictures.

“Now, he’s releasing pictures and showing how jacked he is. There are no great quarterbacks in league history who look like bodybuilders. Ever … Will Levis probably thinks ‘I’m the man,’ and NFL execs I’ve talked to are thinking, ‘You’re the man with no self-awareness,'” Cowherd said during the Thursday episode of “The Herd.”

“The gun show stuff, turn off … This is a lack of self-awareness. Maybe, he’s surrounded with too many of his guys and too many of his yes men. You don’t want to be doing pictures in your bathroom like every loser on the internet,” the FS1 star further said as he drove the knife deeper.

Is Cowherd wrong?

As Cowherd and OutKick’s Dan Z both pointed out, you don’t really see super jacked QBs in the NFL. It’s just not a thing.

Tom Brady looks like your local accountant and he won seven rings. Peyton Manning won a pair of rings and looks like the guy who enjoys hanging out at the local bar.

Does being jacked help players be a better NFL QB? (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Being a bodybuilder doesn’t mean you’re going to be an elite passer. In fact, evidence would suggest there’s nothing about being jacked that makes you a better NFL QB. It would seem the opposite is true.

The reality is Will Levis was banged up all last season at Kentucky, and was likely pumped to finally be healthy and in shape.

However, rushing to social media to show off to post muscle pictures is the definition of a try hard move. Just don’t do it.

Will Levis gets roasted for sharing muscle pictures. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Will the former Kentucky passer develop into a solid NFL QB? It’s certainly possible, but it won’t be because he posted pictures on social media. That just screams a guy looking for attention. There’s something to be said for just letting the work speak for itself. Put the phone down and just get some more reps in.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. It’s the youth instagram idiocy. I see it at my gym: high schoolers posing and taking pics. At a country club, so mostly private school kids with no clue how ridiculous they look. Not sure they would follow if I mentioned that there’s a reason the word “poser” is used derisively.

  2. I’m not sure this is bothers people. I don’t recall Cowherd and others being upset when DK Metcalf and AJ Brown and a slew of others posting pictures of themselves. The average receiver isn’t jacked.

    • Ehh they kind of are dude. Some just happen to not be 6-4. WRs take more hits than QBs too. They need to be jacked. Metcalf obviously is an outlier in the extreme. Not everybody his size can look like him.

      QBs though, I’d argue like what cowherd is. I need flexibility and quick twitch, not someone trying to be Ahnuld.

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