WATCH: Metallica Performs Rare Full Live Version of “Master Of Puppets”

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It’s 2023 and Metallica is still at it.

The Rock and Roll of Famers have been performing all week as part of a residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in anticipation of their upcoming “72 Seasons,” album.

On Monday the band kicked off its week-long residency with the new single, “Lux Aeterna.” That was followed by “Holier Than Thou,” off 1991’s acclaimed ‘The Black Album.’

But last night… last night was the one.

The band absolutely CRUSHED it when it did a nearly 9-minute full version of one of the greatest heavy meal songs of all time: “Master of Puppets.”

Stop what you are doing and watch this full performance. It is so awesome to see the legends still at it and not missing a beat – or a note.

Whew. I need a cigarette after watching that.

The band sounds the best it’s sounded in years. The guitar solos are unbelievable in it. I also love at the 5:36 part where frontman James Hetfield is about to start the “Master! Master” part but he’s caught off guard as the crowd screams it instead and he begins smiling.

So awesome to see considering it’s the damn Jimmy Kimmel Show and not an actual sold-out show that people paid to see.

Metallica performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM)


It’s crazy to think, but Metallica formed FORTY-TWO years ago. Yet, the heavy metal masters have found a resurgence of late thanks to many kids finding out about “Master of Puppets.” The song has been featured in the popular video game FortNite.

Even if heavy metal music may not be your thing, surely from a music fan’s perspective you need to appreciate how good this performance is. A low production late-night television setting and just straight up playing the song raw and with no effects isn’t easy to pull off like this.

It’s also a win for people dealing with substance abuse. Hetfield went through a dark period during the pandemic where he had to re-enter rehab for alcohol abuse.

Based on last night, it appears he has mastered any demons in his life and the band is back to just having fun.

Make sure to tune into Kimmel tonight and tomorrow, because you just know Metallica has to play this one:

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