Metallica Warns Fans About Crypto Scam Before Album Launches

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Metallica is warning fans about an ongoing crypto campaign that is scamming fans out of money.

Fraudulent YouTube sites have popped up that mirror Metallica’s official channel. They claim to have exclusive QR codes to download or preorder Metallica’s upcoming “72 Seasons,” album but it is in fact a crypto phishing campaign.

One fan reportedly lost thousands of dollars.

The scams have become so widespread and blatant that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers had to release a statement warning fans about it.


The band posted the statement on their official Instagram page where they were adamant that they are not participating in any crypto-related promotions for their upcoming album and tour.

“Let’s be as clear as possible. These are scams. They’re being streamed on fake YouTube channels posing to be ours and all pointing to websites that we do not run. Please remember — all of our official social media channels are verified. Always look for official verification before believing something wild and crazy to be true,” the statement reads.

They encourage fans to continue to report the phony YouTube channels.

Metallica fans are being warned about crypto scams ahead of the band’s new album. (Photo by Gotham/Getty Images)

Authorities have warned that phishing campaigns have become more prevalent during the holiday season. They urge people to be vigilant and cautious while online.

Metallica released their first new song in 6 years last week called “Lux Æterna.” It will appear on the upcoming “72 Seasons,” album which will be released on April 14th.

The band also announced a full U.S. tour scheduled for next year.

You can listen to the band’s new song here. And yes, this is from their OFFICIAL YouTube page.

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