WATCH: Camera Operator Takes Out Climate Change Protester On Live Television

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Down for the count!

A quick-thinking camera rig operator was able to lay the smack down on a climate change activist who tried disrupting the live televised Swedish dancing show “Let’s Dance.”

The hilarious video is bringing a chorus of “DAMN!” from viewers who can’t stop replaying it. The best part? The protestor didn’t even know he was about to get taken out because he had a flag over his face as he was shouting. Although it’s unclear what criminal charges – if any the activists faces, he will definitely have a nice camera lens welt on his face to let everyone know that he was the one that got owned by a camera.


I mean that is pretty damn funny. The camera literally worked like a battering ram just shoving the protester out as hundreds of thousands of viewers watched along to the dancing finale at home.

I also gotta give props to the contestants as well, one of which was Olympic skater Charlotte Kalla. They didn’t even miss a beat while the disrupting protesters used yellow smoke flares and began shouting in the middle of their routine on live television.

Talk about a 10 out of 10 for excellence!

Here’s how it looked for the television viewers at home:

The incident is just the latest from what seems like an increase in environmental activism happening these days. Just the other week you had an anti-fossil fuel group try to destroy Italy’s historic Trevi Fountain. OutKick recently reported on how some of these groups are being financially backed by Hollywood, even Succession’s Jeremy Strong.

Sweden’s TV4 has not addressed the camera operator’s actions, but did release a statement saying that the protesters were “quickly expelled from the venue.”

The three protesters were part of a group protesting development on wetlands. They were handed over to police for vandalism charges. It’s unclear if any of them were formally arrested.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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