Watch As Mayhem Unfolds During All-Out Brawl During Indiana Basketball Game

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Absolute mayhem unfolded at a high school basketball game in Indiana this week as full-court fight broke out during halftime.

The game in question was eventually canceled after multiple haymakers were thrown by any and everyone during intermission. Police were quickly called to clear the area as the PA announcer can be overheard pleading with the feisty dads and moms to “clear the court!”

Unfortunately, it all fell on deaf ears as chaos erupted all over the court. No injuries were reported, but the game was eventually called off.

To make matters worse, Purdue head men’s basketball coach Matt Painter was also in attendance.

Not great!

High school basketball game in Indiana suspended after halftime brawl

Chaos. Pure mayhem all over.

How about the poor PA fella too, just begging the wild parents to clear the court to no avail. Sorry, buddy. It’s game on right now, and it’s too far gone.

This was apparently a rivalry game in South Bend between Washington and Riley, but don’t worry – the 30-28 barnburner is reportedly set to resume sometime down the road.

Great idea. Love it! Get those butts back in the seats and let’s finish what we started.

Indiana basketball game ends in fight.
Indiana basketball game ends with fists.

Cooler heads will surely prevail, even though Washington head coach Ryan Varga said in a statement that the “city of South Bend lost tonight.”

“This was immaturity. It was non-students bringing drama to an environment that had nothing to do with it,” Varga told 95.7 FM sports director Ang Di Carlo.

I don’t know. If he thinks that was bad, coach should stop by a mid-summer travel baseball game in Florida.

Makes that look like a walk in the park.

Written by Zach Dean

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