Loud Anti-Dan Snyder Chant Echoes Around FedEx Field After Commanders Security Forces Fans To Put Down ‘Sell The Team’ Signs

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It is not a secret that Commanders fans want Dan and Tanya Snyder to sell the team. That didn’t stop them from making their opinion seen and heard Sunday. At least, they tried.

Washington security would not allow fans to display any anti-Snyder signage.

Snyder, who is in the middle of a Congressional investigation regarding workplace harassment, financial improprieties and a myriad of other issues, is widely disliked… by pretty much everybody. Even Colts owner Jim Irsay recently stated that he believes forcing him out of his ownership would be merited.

Not only is Snyder an alleged slimeball, but his team has had just one winning season in the last decade. Washington has been consistently terrible since the early 2000s — outside of a few breakthrough seasons — and even then, it was just okay.

When all of the ingredients are thrown into the pot, it makes Synder’s ousting something that most, if not all, people can get behind. He might be the only one who believes he should remain the owner at this point.

To express their frustration with the organization, Commanders fans showed up to FedEx Field with an armory of anti-Snyder signage.

Washington Commanders Fans Broke Through Attempts To Silence Their Opinion On Dan Snyder.

Likely per orders from upstairs, the stadium staff made its way around to all of the sign-equipped fans and asked them to put it away. Anything that said “sell the team” was not allowed.

No matter how hard security (probably per Snyder himself) tried to rid the stadium of “sell the team” sentiments, it could not silence their voices. Literally.

During a break, Tanya Snyder appeared on the video board for some sort of PSA. Her virtual presence was immediately met with LOUD boos that drowned her out. And once she was done speaking, the fans broke out into chants of “sell the team!”

Needless to say, the fanbase has had enough of the Snyder family. They, and most NFL fans (and just people in general), want him out.

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