Colts Owner Jim Irsay Believes Removing Daniel Snyder As Commanders Owner Merited; Team Responds

NEW YORK — Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay just dropped a load of bombs on Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, saying there’s “merit to removing him as owner,” pending the outcome of an on-going NFL investigation.

“Well, from the things that I’ve heard, I want to hold my final opinion until I see the report in thorough, but I have my concerns,” Irsay told a gathered group of reporters at the NFL winter meeting. “I, at this point, am very concerned that he needs to be removed.”

The NFL hired former United States attorney Mary Jo White in February to investigate former Washington Commanders employee Tiffani Johnston’s allegations of widespread workplace misconduct against Snyder.

White’s investigation has expanded to include alleged financial improprieties by Snyder — an issue that emerged during a congressional committee investigation.

Commanders Respond Through Spokesman

The Commanders immediately responded to Irsay’s comments with a statement from a club spokesman:

The timing of Irsay’s talk with reporters on Tuesday was interesting in that last week ESPN published an article citing unnamed sources in which Snyder was said to have “dirt” on his fellow owners.

If that is true, and the Commanders said it was not, then Irsay obviously isn’t worried about any information Snyder might have on him.

“I’ve known Dan, we’re not close or anything like that,” Irsay said. “I’ve known Dan and talked to Dan, you know, and so it’s a regrettable situation. It pains me to see. The founders of this league taught me you have to protect the game and protect what we’re about. This isn’t what we’re about.”

Although Snyder has allies within the NFL ownership group, it’s clear Irsay isn’t one. But neither is he an avowed enemy. He’s more like someone who wants more information and if what he’s heard is true, he’d be in favor of removing Sndyer.

“We need to be updated a lot more thoroughly and clearly,” Irsay said. “Looking forward to seeing the final report on that, no question.”

Are There Enough Votes To Remove Snyder?

Removing an owner requires a two-thirds vote of all the owners. So 24 owners are required to vote to remove Snyder.

When asked if there are the necessary 24 votes in the owner’s room to remove Snyder, Irsay said, “I think potentially there will be.”

That’s a bombshell because it sounds that there has been some sort of informal, private straw voting among some owners.

“Every owner looks at it differently,” Irsay said, “and it pains me because it’s not something personal. It’s something in the interest of the National Football League and what we’re about and how we’re represented as leaders in the world.

“I just know that unfortunately this has been put before us and we’ve got to act once we know all the facts. And we have to act appropriately to protect and be an example of what we want to be about.”

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