#VoteNo: Elon Musk Vows He’ll Step Down As Twitter Head If Users Want

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Elon Musk says he will step down as head of Twitter should users vote him out.

Sunday, Musk tweeted that Twitter would hold polls to decide all forthcoming “policy changes.” He posted a subsequent tweet asking users if he should step down as CEO.

Musk vows to abide by the poll results.

Voting ends in 12 hours:

Influencers are likely to tilt the above results. A prominent account on the Left or Right could effectively encourage their dutiful followers to vote a specific way.

The Right comes in with a distinct disadvantage in that regard. While accounts have come and gone since 2020, a Pew Study then found that Twitter users are D+15. The study states that if Twitter were a state that it’d tie Hawaii and Vermont as America’s most liberal.

Get this: the 10% of Twitter users who post 92% of all tweets are D+43.

We suspect this number has shifted some since Musk’s takeover, but the user base remains D+.

Free speech vs. doxxing

Now, Musk is hardly the face of conservative America. He voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. However, his support for free speech on social media and distaste for doxxing has made him Public Enemy No. 2 among the Left. Donald Trump remains the permanent No. 1.

Chief Twit undid the Left’s monopoly on Big Tech. He revealed, through six installments of Twitter Files, the extent to which Twitter 1.0 governed on behalf of the DNC and Biden administration.

Musk takes out the Current Thing meme.

Musk has evened the playing field on Twitter. And influential leftists hate him for that.

Musk’s future as Twitter CEO

Elon Musk’s takeover has not been without flaws. The verification process, allowing anyone to pay $8 for a blue check, remains clunky. But he has certainly improved the platform.

He reinstated dubiously-banned accounts, including The Babylon Bee, Dr. Robert Malone and Project Veritas.

He has allowed users to make executive decisions — from the reinstatement of Trump to the immediate returns of left-wing doxxers to the latest poll.

Twitter 2.0 bests a social media service that colluded with the government, interfered in a presidential election, shadowbanned accounts for their opinions, and served as an arm for the DNC and FBI — four practices in which Twitter Files show previous ownership engaged.

Still, Musk is likely to step aside as CEO at some point anyway. In November, he said he would only lead Twitter day-to-day “temporarily.”

“I expect to reduce my time at Twitter and find somebody else to run Twitter over time,” he said in a court hearing over a Tesla business dispute. “I frankly don’t want to be the CEO of any company.”


Written by Bobby Burack

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