Vivek Ramaswamy Gets Praise From The One Person Nobody Wants Praise From, O.J. Simpson

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By now, you’re carefully weighing your options on which nominee you’d like to become president of the United States. And like any responsible citizen, you’re asking yourself one question: What would O.J. Simpson do?

Well, you now have your answer: O.J. is all in on Vivek Ramaswamy.

The disgraced former running back took to social media Sunday to share his thoughts on the youngest candidate in the Republican Primary.

“This morning I got up and I found myself watching Meet the Press. They had Vivek Ramaswamy on,” Simpson said. “Now just like the debates, the Republican debates, I said, ‘Hey, this guy’s on to something.'”

In the video he clearly filmed on an iPhone 2, O.J. clarifies he’s neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Rather, he’s a Libertarian and will vote for the “best person” — regardless of party. And right now, he thinks that might be Ramaswamy.

“I do have this book. I’ve only got like 30% into the book, but I love what he was saying in his book,” Simpson said. “And it’s fresh. It’s new…. I honestly think if this guy untied that knot that, for whatever reason, he has that associates him with some of these other Republicans. If he just untied it, stick with the things that he was saying in his book.”

The “knot” he’s likely referring to is Vivek’s support of former President Donald Trump.

O.J. Simpson Shouts Out Nikki Haley

O.J. did say, though, he doesn’t agree with Ramaswamy on foreign affairs.

During the first Republican Primary Debate on Wednesday, Ramaswamy said he would cut off all funding to the war in Ukraine. But Simpson attributes those opinions to youth and a lack of experience on the world stage.

“If he got himself an experienced person to run with him. An experienced person, I would say, like Nikki Haley — somebody that knows foreign affairs — this guy would have a chance, I bet. I think this guy really would have a chance,” Simpson said.

And this isn’t the first time The Juice has shown love for Nikki Haley. In fact, in recapping the debate on Thursday, Simpson says the former South Carolina governor was the true victor.

“Last night, I was surprised by Nikki Haley,” he said in a video posted to X. “She showed a little fire and for the most part, I agreed with just about everything she said. So I think she won as far as I was concerned.”

But in that same video, Simpson said Vivek is who he wanted to hear from the most.

“I honestly think that he will be the President one day,” O.J. said. “Maybe in ’28. I think he needs a little more seasoning. The man is obviously sharp and just a little more seasoning.”

Well, there you have it, guys. Might as well call the race now.

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Written by Amber Harding

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