Veronika Rajek Sports ‘Circumboob’ Bikini, Wants A Piece Of Kim Kardashian On The Tennis Court

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When you’re considered one of, if not the top, bikini influencer on Instagram you make sure you get in on all of the trends. That’s the easy part of the job. The hard part is trying to hijack a trend and make it your own.

There’s a reason Veronika Rajek’s name is near the top of the bikini influencer list. She can create a trend or jump on one that’s already been established at any time. She did that this week when she decided it was time to go all in on the “circumboob” trend.

Veronika Rajek Sports 'Circumboob' Bikini, Wants A Piece Of Kim Kardashian On The Tennis Court
Bikini influencer calls out Kim K (Image Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram)

The trend picked up steam back in February when Australian influencer/model Gabrielle Epstein lit a fire under it by dropping it on her 3 million followers. The next thing you know it’s all over the internet.

A few more influencers hopped on board over the weeks that followed before Veronika decided it was time. She already spends a lot of time in a bikini and often flirts with the circumboob look.

Even so, this was an obvious attempt to get in on the trend. Not just get in on it, but make it her own. Veronika grabbed her skimpy emoji bikini, a tennis racket, and a ball before heading down to the court to play zero tennis.

The whole setup had nothing to do with the sport and I can’t imagine there were any complaints filed. Although you never know what to expect with the tennis crowd. There could have been a strongly worded letter dropped in a nearby mailbox.

Let’s Get Veronika Rajek Versus Kim Kardashian On Pay Per View

For reasons that only Veronika will know, she called out Kim Kardashian in the caption. Or that’s who is presumed to be the Kim K. she mentions.

I racked my brain trying to come up with an answer as to why she brought up Kim. Is it an obscure rap lyric? Is Kim into tennis? The only thing I could come up with is she likes namedropping.

That’s undeniable. She went from the Instagram model with the body “too dangerous” for the internet to Tom Brady’s No. 1 fan overnight.

I’m not really following how she goes from Brady to Kim, but she’s been one step ahead of the internet for months now. When you’re expecting a zig, she zags. The results speak for themselves.

Written by Sean Joseph

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