Model Gabrielle Epstein Breaks Out New ‘Circumboob’ Trend

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Fashion trends can be some of the most ridiculous things human beings come up with, even when it comes to swimwear. Long sleeve bikini tops, for example, make absolutely no sense. Every once in a while a trend comes along that hits the mark.

This new bikini trend is one of those rare finds in fashion trends that hits the mark. It’s becoming popular on social media, and thanks to Australian influencer/model Gabrielle Epstein, it has reached a wider audience.

Gabrielle Epstein Circumboob
Influencer makes the circumboob trend popular (Image Credit: Gabrielle Epstein/Instagram)

The 29-year-old, who now calls Los Angeles home, shared the new trend with her 3 million Instagram followers while rocking a very skimpy green bikini. “Circumboob,” as it has been dubbed incorporates many other boob-related trends into one.

As you can see in Epstein’s series of selfies, all of the classics are represented in one revealing package. There’s plenty of cleavage, innerboob, sideboob, and underboob included in her Instagram presentation.

If anyone is going to be on the cutting edge of bikini trends, it’s Epstein. She’s not new to influencing and she’s got a large following across the usual social media suspects.

Her fellow influencers, who also have millions of followers, chimed in on the trend in the comment section to provide their feedback. As you would expect they were very supportive of the look.

Antje Utgaard was one of the first of her influencer friends to leave a comment. She called the, “Insane.”

Ayla Woodruff, who checks in with 1.4 million followers, agreed with Utgaard’s assessment of the new trend, “Insaneeeee.”

Another one of her blue checkmark pals with millions of followers to drop in was Celeste Bright. She simply left, “Boddyyyy.”

While they were very supportive, after doing some quick research, none of the influencers who jumped into the comments have joined in on the circumboob trend. Not yet, anyway.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they get in on the trend and it blows up even more than it already has. With spring break right around the corner this trend could be everywhere.

Written by Sean Joseph

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