Veronika Rajek Calls Herself A Work Of Art As She Poses In A Bikini On A Motorcycle

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Veronika Rajek has successfully pushed her name to the top of the list of Instagram bikini influencers. She’s done so with regular reminders that her body is “too dangerous” for the internet. That’s a claim she made back in October and has proven repeatedly.

The 27-year-old Miss Slovakian finalist isn’t down with the whole obese body positivity movement. She works hard for her dangerous body and is fighting back against the haters who attack her for it.

Veronika Rajek calls herself art
Instagram’s top bikini influencer sports a zip up one piece (Image Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram)

Rajek’s latest middle finger to the haters is a series of bikini pics of herself sitting on a motorcycle. In the caption she refers to herself as art.

The full caption reads, “The Art sitting on the Art.” The other art that she’s referring to is the motorcycle, which appears to be on display at the Villa Sha Cancun.

The Villa Sha Cancun is the location indicated in her “art sitting on art” post. It’s also a luxurious oceanfront villa in, you guessed it, Cancun.

Shortly after Rajek’s claims about her body being too dangerous for the internet she was able to ride an impressive Tom Brady headline wave. For a while she was even being called his new girlfriend.

She wisely made no attempts to clear that confusion up and just kept riding the wave. Now sitting at 4.3 million Instagram followers, her every move is being closely watched.

Veronika Rajek Is A Full-Fledged Content Machine

Rajek knows this and has goals far beyond being linked to a retired quarterback. She wants to see herself on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

“My goal was always to be a Victoria’s Secret model because I am five-foot-eleven, I am 125 pounds and I work hard,” Rajek revealed recently. “My biggest dream now is to be on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated.'”

Impossible? Not entirely, but the odds are stacked against her. Sports Illustrated has, almost entirely, turned their backs on the thin models with big boobs. Those winds could be blowing back in her direction ever so slightly.

Fellow model Jena Sims, who also has dreams of becoming a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, made the cut to the final 24 in this year’s Swim Search. She too is a thin model with big boobs. Has she cracked the door open for the return of this figure? That’s a good question.

Even if SI never comes calling, Rajek’s future as an art dealer is still very bright.

Written by Sean Joseph

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