USC Players Submit Letter To California Governor Gavin Newsome to #LetUsPlay

On the brink of an expected announcement that the B1G is returning, student athletes from USC have taken the same course as those in the Midwest by penning legislators that they want to play.

Lead by quarterback Kedon Slovis and receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, the Trojans asked Governor Gavin Newsome to let the team get back on the field.

“We have sat by for two weeks watching teams across the country play the game we love safely,” Slovis wrote along with the letter. “Most schools have a fraction of the resources that our school and conference have provided to play safely. You are the only thing holding us back. Please #LetUsPlay.”

His tweet was met with immediate support as the offensive coordinator for the team, Graham Harrell, posted on his Twitter as well.

“The last month I’ve watched our team train under tents, outside, in a make shift weight room. Even with the postponement of our season they have shown up everyday. They have done EVERYTHING asked of them and simply want an opportunity. I support our players, let’s play ball!”

For the B1G battle, Penn State parents followed Ohio State and Iowa as collectives that were speaking out against the postponement/cancelation of the season.

Outkick founder Clay Travis reported over the weekend that the Big Ten was set to vote and a return to action date of October 17 is being eyeballed.

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  1. It’s unfortunate these kids are in California college football playing days are short and to miss a year not good that guv is one of the worst tyrants out there and really should be recalled or voted out asap.I hope they are able to play i am third generation California and left the state about ten years ago it has changed drastically and for the worst.

  2. This governor is beyond contemptible as are the governors of Oregon and Washington. It is important to note that the presidents of many of the PAC-12 universities are as feckless as the state leaders. If we don’t play ball soon, top players will either transfer or leave early for the NFL as several have done already. Few recruits will consider PAC-12 schools if we are governed top to bottom by coronabros. The PAC-12 will drop even further as a second rate conference, with second rate leadership. It’s despicable what has happened to this conference under Larry Scott.

  3. The way these athletes are being treated by these Wealthy lazy Administrators makes we wanna help them sue for free. It’s not healthy to break the clock if these athletes by starting late and perhaps ending later than the other teams?

    Then NFL combine?

    Draft? Spring Ball.

    These dudes are finely tuned, but on a timer.

  4. Folks in California could use some positive news or distraction. Heat waves, riots, wild fires, shootings, lockdowns, taxed out the ying yang, Pelosi dying her roots, and I’m pretty sure next will be the waters turning to blood or swarms of locusts. Maybe mix in a little football for the Egyptians there Pharaoh Newsom.

    • The wheels are starting to come off the COVID train. Dems will continue to try to four corner the shot clock until the election. Christ, Trump signs a historic peace deal in the Middle East yesterday and all the yammering is about social distancing.

  5. Screw’em. I committed to not watching USC after they retained Helton. Coronavirus did the work for me.

    Add players making SJW demands and you have thousands of alum that are over it. Really over it. The “prestigious” reputation SC had is loooong gone. It’s just another woke school full of international students and sports-hating faculty. Guys like Bush & Leinert are trying to work behind the scenes but, the patient is already dead.

    This is a one-party state. I’m not sure what political benefit there is by not having a season. I actually don’t care. The PAC-12 will likely be in a hole for many recruitment cycles. That’s ok, I’m thinking about becoming a Ohio State, ND, or Nebraska fan going forward.

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