UCF Player Kicked Off Team After Being Arrested For Home Invasion With A Wild Twist

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UCF football player Justin Hodges was arrested Thursday for his role in a brutal home invasion earlier this month that stemmed from – you guessed it – a relationship gone wrong.

Hodges and three other suspects broke into a high-rise in downtown Orlando with loaded weapons, beat the victim when he opened the door, stole his cell phone, and fled the scene.

According to police, the unnamed victim – who is fine – had a dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Nevaeh Mosher, the night before. Mosher reportedly showed up to his apartment “wearing the new male friend’s clothing,” according to the report.

The victim then allegedly threw the clothing out the window onto the breezeway, where police eventually found it the next day – along with surveillance video of the invasion.

Justin Hodges arrested, kicked of UCF team.
Justin Hodges kicked off UCF football team for home invasion.

The kicker? That discarded piece of clothing not only belonged to Hodges, but was issued to him by a local university athletic team (!!!), according to police.

Nope, they didn’t name names. But, Hodges was a defensive back for UCF up until Thursday. I say “was” because he’s since been kicked off the team.

“Justin Hodges has been dismissed from the football program. Per university policy, the UCF student conduct process will be initiated,” the school said in a brief statement.

UCF football player arrested.
Justin Hodges dismissed from UCF after arrest. (Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

UCF football player Justin Hodges kicked off team after arrest

What a ride. I’m no detective, but, if I had to break that down in layman’s terms …

I’d say Nevaeh left her old boyfriend for Hodges, returned to his house wearing one of his UCF-issued shirts or sweatshirts, the victim got pissed and threw it out the window, and then Hodges, Mosher and two other suspects – who are still at-large, by the way – returned the next day to raise hell.

Just my guess.

Anyway, detectives said Mosher gave Hodges instructions on how to enter the building, and she met up with him and two other suspects at the complex.

All four then proceeded to the apartment, and when the victim answered the door investigators said he was pushed into the apartment and struck in the face by the suspects. 

Mosher was taken into custody earlier this week after she confessed to the whole thing, while Hodges was arrested Thursday.


Hodges, by the way, appeared in all 14 games for the Knights this past fall, totaling 40 tackles and an interception.

Written by Zach Dean

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