Twitter Files, Part 5: Employees Called Donald Trump ‘Hitler’ As Rationale For Banning Former President

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When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he promised to expose all of the dirty dealings of the previous administration. Through the “Twitter Files” releases, Musk has held true to his promise.

So far, the information released has confirmed long-held suspicions by those on the right. Twitter acted in the interest of the Democratic Party and not as a politically neutral platform.

Twitter Files releases confirm what most already knew

First, there was the Twitter Files release that exposed the Hunter Biden laptop conspiracy. As suspected, Twitter acted to remove the story because it made then Presidential candidate Joe Biden look bad.

Part two of the release showed that Twitter acted to shadow ban right-leaning commentators. That included those who did not espouse the beliefs of the Democratic Party when it came to COVID. Of course, those “misinfomartion merchants” turned out to be far more correct about lockdowns, masks and vaccines than the “experts” who demanded the shadow banning.

Elon Musk has held up a magnifying glass on the policies of the former Twitter administration with the Twitter Files releases.
Elon Musk has held up a magnifying glass on the policies of the former Twitter administration with the Twitter Files releases. (Photo credit: CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

The third installment delved more deeply into blocking right-leaning speech and started to uncover the attempt to silence Donald Trump.

The fourth release proved that Twitter changed its rules to specifically de-platform Donald Trump.

Part five, released Monday, revealed messages between activist Twitter employees and Twitter management. They demanded the President of the United States be taken off Twitter despite not breaking any of the platform’s policies.

The employees even compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Despite Adolf Hitler inciting the Holocaust, which led to the deaths of around six million Jews, the 20-something-year-old liberal Twitter employees believed these two men were basically the same.

Where will the Twitter Files go from here? And will the corporate media ever actually cover them?

Since it proves they were in cahoots the entire time, I sincerely doubt it.

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