Tom Brady Sent Podcasters Cease & Desist Over AI Stand-Up Special

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Two comedians say that they received a cease & desist from Tom Brady after posting an AI-generated stand-up special featuring Brady’s likeness.

Hosts of the podcast Dudesy Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen created the special using AI and posted the first few minutes of it on YouTube for free.

If you’re wondering what kind of material AI-Tom Brady was working with, here’s a snippet, per The New York Post:

“Anybody on the apps right now? I’m recently single and thinking about getting on them, but here’s the problem. I’ve never been on them, I don’t really know what I’m doing,” Brady’s AI doppelgänger said.

“Someone sent me a message on [the dating app] Bumble. She said, ‘You look just like Tom Brady,’ and I said, ‘I am Tom Brady,’ she said, ‘Prove it,’ so I went to her house and let a little air out of all of her footballs.”

I mean, I wouldn’t open with it, but that joke would crush if it was 2015.

Hosts of the podcast Dudesy, Chad Kutgen and Will Sasso, pulled their AI-Tom Brady stand-up special. (Getty Images)

The AI-Brady Special Was Pulled

Sasso — who was a cast member on MadTV and played Curly in 2012’s The Three Stooges (the idea of which was sacrilegious, but the finished product was ultimately not terrible) —and writer Kultgen got a letter from Brady’s letter demanding they pull the special down.

The two complied with the demand, but the incident does raise an ethical question (there are plenty of them) about AI. They also asked what the difference was between an AI-generated special and an impression on television.

It’s tough. The Brady special the fellas made was clearly not real, but at the rate that AI is progressing, it could be difficult to discern the difference. There’s a lot of uncharted territory with all of this AI nonsense.

But, if you saw the Brady special, or parts of it before it was pulled and enjoyed it, fear not. Sasso and Kultgen said the incident will not keep them from possibly making more specials in the future. They even mentioned the idea of doing one featuring President Joe Biden.

That would be something to behold. Although, I’m not sure AI has been able to replicate such a high degree of incoherent doddering, but if they go for it, we shall see it.

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