Tom Brady-Loving Instagram Model Veronika Rajek Is Married

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The internet got way ahead of itself by linking Instagram model Veronika Rajek to Tom Brady. Did she appear to be shooting her shot with the legendary quarterback by professing her love for him? The answer is obviously yes.

Veronika attended a Buccaneers game in his jersey after all, while professing her love for him. The caption, “if somebody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him” has everything a shot needs. That said, there’s a huge difference in shooting ones shot and being in a relationship with someone.

(Image Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram)

The internet jumped to labeling Veronika as Brady’s rumored girlfriend soon after her Instagram post made headlines. She didn’t help matters much either. Earlier this month, as relationship speculation was picking up, she was asked about it.

The model’s representation said that she would not be commenting on the speculation. They then added, “The only message Veronika Rajek wants to put out there, as very supportive as Veronika Rajek is, is for Tom Brady to be focused on the game and get things on track to get his 8th ring.”

It’s now being reported that Veronika is a married woman. According to The Sun, the 26-year-old is married to former Olympic bobsledder Viktor Rajek. The two tied the knot on June 13, 2019.

Viktor competed in the two-man and four-man event at the 2006 Winter Olympics. These days he’s the owner of a restaurant in Vienna, Austria.

She Might Have Ridden The Headline Waves Too Long

It doesn’t appear as if Veronika has ever posted anything on Instagram that included her husband. That isn’t as odd as you might think. Instagram models with millions of followers don’t always share those kinds of details.

So the lack of posts mentioning her husband isn’t necessarily a red flag for her own relationship. What likely happened here is a case where Veronika was riding the headline wave and not knowing how to jump off.

She went from being the Instagram model with the body that’s “too dangerous” for the internet to being linked to Tom Brady. Those headline cycles are good for business.

If there’s no trouble in paradise, and she truly was riding the headlines, that’s certainly understandable. As was the case before Veronika’s name got mixed in with his, Brady still has plenty of options. But for now it appears as if this Instagram model is just a big fan of his.

Written by Sean Joseph

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