Tom Brady Just Won A Big Ten Track Title At Michigan In 2023

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He’s done it AGAIN. Tom Brady apparently un-retired for the second time in as many years this week and promptly returned to alma mater Michigan to win a Big Ten Track & Field title.

Don’t know where all that speed was during his 20 years in the NFL, but looks like retirement has been GOOD to our man over the first few months.

He looks clean, refreshed, and decades younger — not to mention a hell of a lot faster.

Tom Brady is tearing up the track for Michigan

Yeah, I thought it was some sort of joke, too. Even did some Big J journalism digging to make sure I wasn’t being bamboozled.

I was not.

There is actually a legit runner at Michigan named Tom Brady, and he just ran laps around all the other suckers en route to a Big Ten title. Must be something in the damn name.

This Tom Brady, according to his bio, is a graduate student this year majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Looks like he’s been at Michigan all four years, and has put together a pretty impressive resume.

Tom Brady wins another Michigan title!

I’m talking Second Team All-American in 2021, All-Big-Ten First Team last year, and he’s also Michigan’s record-holder in the indoor 5000 meters.

I’d imagine he also does decently with the ladies, given his name and the fact that he’s a badass on the track. Just a hunch.

I’ll be honest with you — I think this is the most impressive Tom Brady as far as Michigan accolades go, right?

I mean, the GOAT did go 20-5 in two years as UM’s starter with Orange and Citrus bowl wins to boot, but it’s a valid question. This new Brady certainly looks to be in better shape.

Anyway, congrats to Tom Brady from Park Ridge, Illinois for winning the Big Ten title in the 10,000 meter. Big day. Keep it up.

Head on a swivel, Gisele!

Written by Zach Dean

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