Tom Brady Is Absolutely Crushing His Second Retirement

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Tom Brady isn’t letting his second retirement tour go to waste.

The now-former NFL QB called it quits for the second time earlier this year, and appears to be enjoying his first two months of freedom.

Brady tweeted out a 60-second montage of all his post-playing career doings Wednesday morning, including a behind-the-scenes look at his beach day with the boys, golf outing with Rob Gronkowski, and star-studded retirement party.

And our man looks like he’s having a damn blast!

“Grateful to have the chance to celebrate such an amazing life on and off the field with friends and family. Even more grateful to get through 30 minutes of beach football with no serious injuries,” he wrote.

Tom Brady is living his best life

Yep, Tom Brady ain’t coming back this time. Our guy looks to have learned from his mistakes last offseason and is making up for lost time.

And how great is Gronk? I can’t think of a better teammate to enjoy retirement with than Rob damn Gronkowski. Gives a heart-felt speech at Brady’s party, sinks a putt Happy Gilmore-style on the course and gives the Shooter McGavin finger-guns. If that’s not enough, he also goes all out during a little beach football.

What a dude.

How about the baker Brady enlisted, too? Look at this thing! We got the Wolverines, Patriots and Bucs all represented on the cake. Perfection.

Tom Brady has a great retirement cake!


Anyway, looks like Tom’s having a great time right now while all current players are reporting for the first week of offseason workouts.

Advantage: Tom.

PS: is Julian Edelman the worst golfer ever?

Written by Zach Dean

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