Tom Brady Celebrated First Halloween With Kids and No Gisele Bündchen

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It was Tom Brady’s first Halloween dressed up as a single man in 13 years. The Buccaneers quarterback spent his Halloween night out with his kids, less than a week since he and longtime spouse Gisele Bündchen confirmed their divorce.


Brady was spotted in a fitting costume following the grim news by dressing up as the reaper. Kids Vivian (9) and Ben (12) joined Brady on his hunt for gluten and sugar-free treats.

Former defense killer, Tom Brady.

The GOAT discussed his Halloween plans on the Let’s Go Podcast on Monday. It was also his first interview where he addressed the divorce news. Brady joked that his plan for 2022’s Halloween night was to not get noticed.

“We got a big night planned ahead, so it should be a fun night,” Brady shared with podcast co-hosts Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald. “So our block here in Tampa is pretty intense with Halloween because it’s a pretty easy block to get to. It’s a very, very festive night. So the kids are super excited and should be a really fun night for us.”

He continued, “The trick for me is to get out there and make sure I can go somewhat unnoticed. So hopefully I’m somewhat anonymous tonight so the kids can really enjoy themselves. It could get a little hectic and if it does then I’ll come back home. But I’m hoping I can be just another dad out there on the street tonight in a cool costume.”

Brady gradually began to split from Bündchen since he announced that he was returning for his 23rd NFL season, despite first choosing to retire early in the offseason.

The announcement reportedly upset Bündchen, who wanted Brady to spend more time with his family rather than play late into his 40s. Their troubles escalated and seven weeks into the season, Brady is no longer tied down to the ex-Victoria’s Secret model.

In 2021, following a Tampa Bay Bucs loss to the New Orleans Saints, Bundchen dressed up as a pirate as a nod to her one-time husband (and seven-time Super Bowl champ).

Love is truly dead.

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