USA Today Columnist Suggests Tiger Woods Is A Tampon Thief, Is In Shambles After His Joke With Justin Thomas

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Christine Brennan, the USA Today columnist who allegedly hasn’t smiled since January 20, 2017, is predictably furious with Tiger Woods for handing Justin Thomas a tampon during the first round of the Genesis Invitational.

Not only is Brennan upset about Woods playing a completely harmless joke with one of his best friends, but she’s also suggesting that the big cat may be a tampon thief.

You can’t make this up.


Brennan has built a career on her ability to make something out of nothing, and she really showed off that skillset in her latest column.

Woods handing Thomas a tampon after out driving him on the ninth hole on Thursday could keep girls from ever picking up a golf club, according to Brennan.

“When the biggest name in the sport’s history is giddily spreading misogyny down the fairway, it might just confirm a woman’s suspicions about golf and send her to any one of the scores of other sports she can play for the rest of her life without running into a dude playing a juvenile tampon joke,” Brennan wrote.

While Brennan’s take on the Woods’ practical joke is in a league of its own, other wokesters have called the move childish or immature.

You can call a 47-year-old man carrying around a tampon to hand to his playing partner immature, but it’s also just two guys being guys. That, of course, is frowned upon in the year 2023.

Also, the vast majority of professional athletes, even 47-year-olds like Woods, are immature. Are we supposed to ignore every other word that comes out of 38-year-old LeBron James’ childish mouth? Was 33-year-old Travis Kelce not acting like a 7-year-old throughout the NFL playoffs?

It’s worth noting here that Thomas laughed out loud when Woods handed him the tampon. It would be one thing if JT took offense to Woods’ joke, but he didn’t, yet some in the media openly wish he did.

People with a functioning brain saw Woods hand Thomas a tampon, laughed, and then moved on.

The media trying to make this a story with a negative connotation isn’t a surprise.

Negativity, cancel culture, and attacking a man for doing anything that one person in the world may take offense to have turned into the liberal media’s only moves.

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