Christine Brennan Drops One Of The Hottest Hot Takes In Big Ten History

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USA Today columnist Christine Brennan thinks today, when the Big Ten announced it would return to playing a fall college football season, is the conference’s darkest day. Where do I even start with this absurd, flaming hot take? Do I start with the college message boards where you can’t go an hour without being reminded of Jerry Sandusky (60 year max sentence) molesting kids in showers? Do I start with the dark cesspools of Facebook where Ohio State fans tried to build a defense for Zach Smith in his quest to torture his wife turned ex-wife?

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If returning to playing football during COVID-19 is the darkest day in Big Ten history, give us fans a double shot of days like this. The Big Ten didn’t announce they’d be murdering college athletes. They announced there would be a season and if players want to opt-out, that’s a call they can make.

“Then came Wednesday, the darkest day in Big Ten sports history, the day the vaunted conference caved. It choked. It got scared. It became the SEC,” Brennan wrote today in a column.

You know how many times she mentioned Jerry Sandusky in that column? ZERO. I used an Apple-F command on Chrome. His name doesn’t appear. You know how many times she mentioned a doctor at Michigan State doctor, Larry Nassar, being sentenced to 175 years in jail for sexually assaulting minors? ZERO.

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Let’s crank it down several notches here and think back to a very dark day at Ohio State and for the conference. Surely Christine would mention a dark day when Woody Hayes punched a Clemson player in one of the ugliest moments in college football history. She didn’t.

What about Bob Knight choking Neil Reed? Crickets. She didn’t mention Bob.

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Christine’s not worried about college football players. She’s worried about an election and it has warped her brain into using college football players as pawns in this game she and other blue checkmarks are playing.

Today wasn’t the darkest day in Big Ten history by a long shot and Christine knows it, but she has to keep this act going. She has an election to win.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Christine Brennan long ago descended into the abyss of wokedom. Long before it was even a thing, she was woke. WHy US Today has continued to use her as a lead columnist is a mystery. She and Dan Wolken and Nancy Armour can link hands (via Zoom naturally) and weep softly as the world moves on.


  2. USA is still printing?I thought with air travel down so much they would be out of business by now only places you can get that rag is at airports or left at the door of your hotel.TDS does takeover much of the lefts lives.

  3. This woman is SCREAMING for attention and so she get’s her morsel of publicity with her ludicrous column. How so many intelligent people have allowed themselves to be completely brainwashed is a mystery to me. Appreciate the info but I hate to see her get ANY publicity. And another Karen tosses herself onto the pile of irrelevancy…

  4. Sandusky’s actions are not criminal, they are simply what a person who identifies himself as a pederast does. Pedo’s are okay, according to the left’s tacit consent of the pedo world. If you think pedophilia is wrong, you don’t support creepy Joe Biden. So, all the leftists just fall in line to support the party.

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