Big Ten Finally, Unanimously Announcing Return to Play

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The Big Ten announced on August 11th that they were postponing football season. Now, over a month later, it will announce today that the 14 presidents and chancellors in the conference voted to resume the season.

It is expected kick off on October 24th, according to Yahoo Sports; the championship game should be in Indianapolis on December 19th, the day before the College Football Playoff committee is scheduled to select the four teams.

The news that this vote and season structure would happen was first reported by Outkick founder Clay Travis over the weekend. We had an inkling this would happen today when Nebraska president Ted Carter was overheard on a hot mic saying an announcement was imminent.

There were much trials and tribulations to get to where we are today. The Big Ten presidents and chancellors can say whatever they want, but they felt considerable public pressure. From Justin Fields saying they should play to parent protests to a lawsuit from Nebraska players to the threat of litigation from the attorney generals of Ohio and Nebraska to involvement from President Donald Trump, this wasn’t a story that was ever going away for them.

The innovations in rapid, inexpensive Covid-19 testing also play a major role, and give the cover to the Big Ten to reverse their decision in light of scientific advancements.

All in all, the conference arrived at the right decision and it’ll be great to have them back. Congratulations to all of the players, coaches, parents, and fans who refused to back down.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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    • Heh…it’s pretty early to be drinking something that strong. Don’t get me wrong as I would love for you to be correct, but no way cook county doesn’t manufacture as many votes as needed after Election Day. That’s the whole purpose of mass mail in push by Dems: To know how many votes are needed.

  1. The B10 “leadership” outsmarted themselves by believing they were going to be visionaries – ha. This has always been a naked political stunt and they got caught looking like the fools they are. Football is being played at EVERY level but only B10 schools were going to stay home? Glad this crap is almost over and also happy to hear about ILL. Keeping things shut down unnecessarily is only hurting the public which is the group the freaking elected leaders are supposed to be serving!

    • Truth. The good news is that the leftist higher education business model is failing miserably due to a combination of being over-priced, providing a poor product in many cases, and now Covid. People have woken up to the sham that is leftist academia. Many of these leftists drawing 100k salaries who could otherwise not even run a lemonade stand may soon find themselves out of a job.

      • In Michigan, the public elects the board of regents/trustees at the state universities. I hope this wakes the people of Michigan up and they remember to flip over that ballot and vote not-democrat for trustee at UofM and MSU. The trustees pick the school president and control the general direction of the school. Never seemed important before but does now.

    • Disagree. he somehow pulled off the u-turn, despite many powerful presidents being strongly opposed to playing. He couldve been more coherent in his early statements, but once he got his feet under him, he steadily helped move the process forward. In the end, we all get what we wanted anyhow. 9 Big 10 games.

  2. This is such vamazing news. Who would’ve thought that an SEC loving, former Nashville lawyer with the best sports media network on the planet would be the one that started the ball rolling for a return to Big Ten FB….THANK YOU for restoring my hope in humanity…

  3. Dan Patrick reported this morning that the conference wanted to start a week earlier on October 17th, but several unnamed schools pushed back because they “hadn’t practiced in a month”. Are you kidding me? That tells you a lot about some garbage programs being dead weights in the Big 10 while the rest want to play. Ridiculous.

  4. New Member, first post- appreciate the Outkick Team’s contribution to the national narrative, including all things Sports! Look forward to Jason and Clay becoming a greater, more prominent voice in the mainstream media. Move over Mickey Mouse!

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