The Mind-Boggling Amount Of Money LIV Golf Offered Tiger Woods Has Been Revealed

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It was reported earlier this summer that LIV Golf made Tiger Woods an offer somewhere in the “high nine digits” range. Now, we know exactly how many millions the Saudis offered the big cat to join the breakaway tour, and it’s a truly ridiculous number.

LIV CEO Greg Norman joined Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday and confirmed that Woods turned down an offer between $700 million and $800 million. That offer was put on the table before Norman joined LIV.

“That number was out there before I became CEO,” Norman told Carlson. “Look, Tiger is a needle mover, right? So, of course, you’re got to look at the best of the best. They had originally approached Tiger before I became CEO. That number is somewhere in that neighborhood.”

Woods was never going to leave the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, but when he saw that number he had to have given the idea at least a couple of seconds of thought.


On the course, Woods has earned just shy of $121 million and many, many more millions through endorsement deals. To think that LIV offered him almost eight times his on-course earnings as just a sign-on fee is hard to wrap your head around.

Woods has been one of the most outspoken supporters of the PGA Tour since LIV Golf arrived on the scene.

Most recently, ahead of last month’s Open at St. Andrews, Woods took direct shots at players who have made the move to LIV Golf.

“What these players are doing for guaranteed money, what is the incentive to practice?’’ Woods said.

“What is the incentive to go out there and earn it in the dirt? You’re just getting paid a lot of money up front and playing a few events and playing 54 holes. They’re playing blaring music and have all these atmospheres that are different.”

LIV Golf held its third event last week at Trump Bedminster. Henrik Stenson took home the trophy and a $4 million paycheck in what was his debut on the new circuit.

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