Tiger Woods Reminds Justin Thomas He’s Never Won An Open With Vicious Jab

Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas are good friends. Do you know how you can tell they’re good friends, other than them telling us all they’re good friends and always playing golf together? They talk trash to one another.

Bromances are built on respectively talking trash, but seeing as how Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time, he’s typically the one handing out said trash talk.

Woods and Thomas have played multiple practice rounds together at St. Andrews over the past few days leading up to The Open and the big cat has been reminding JT who the alpha is.

After wrapping up their Sunday practice round, Woods couldn’t help himself from reminding Thomas that he’s never won an Open.

“See you tomorrow for the past winner’s event,” Woods said to Thomas. “Oh, I forgot, you’ve never won here.”

Past Open champions gather for a dinner on the Monday night of tournament week, so this was a fun way for Woods to let JT know his plans for the evening.

You have to love a 46-year-old Woods talking trash to a 29-year-old Thomas.

It doesn’t matter that Woods is barely ranked inside the Top 1,000 while JT is the No. 7 ranked player in the world.

Thomas may have won the PGA Championship less than two months ago, but St. Andrews is Woods’ turf and he’s going to let his buddy know it as often as possible.

Written by Mark Harris


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