This Week In History: Former Crackhead Rex Chapman Gives Still-Alive Pete Gillen Eulogy

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Former CNN+ host and crackhead Rex Chapman didn’t work the NCAA Tournament this year.

And for good reason. He isn’t good on television. He has the personality of a brick.

But we think there might be another reason why CBS/TNS didn’t renew him.

As internet users pointed out Saturday, this week is the one-year anniversary of the most memorable moment of Chapman’s media career.

A year ago, during the tournament, Chapman paid tribute to Pete Gillen, the former Providence and Virginia coach. He choked up while reminiscing about Gillen.

Sad if true.

However, it wasn’t true. Pete Gillen was not dead in 2022. He’s not dead now, either. Gillen is alive. He’s doing well.

In fact, Gillen works for CBS, in the very studio, Chapman gave him a eulogy:

That little mix-up may have cost Chapman his job at CBS. As well as his chances to hook up with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom he recently called “sexy personified.”

Still, Chapman hasn’t failed in all of his recent ventures. Sure, he lost several jobs from CNN to CBS to TBS. However, the former shoplifter just defeated The Anti-White Kendrick Perkins in the Final Four of the 2023 Woke All-Star Challenge.

He now heads into a Championship matchup with Bomani Jones, who has failed even more than he has.

Stay tuned to OutKick for official voting.

Until then, let us indulge the fodder Chapman’s idiocy generated one year ago:

Don’t do drugs, kids.

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