This Is Gonna Be Fun: Brett Favre Sues Shannon Sharpe, Pat McAfee For Defamation

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Brett Favre is reportedly filing a defamation lawsuit against Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe.

It may not be the new case of the century, but there’s no doubt it could be wildly entertaining.

As you may recall, last year, the former Green Bay Packers legend — and Viking/ Jets stop-gap — was accused of accepting $1.1 million for speaking engagements that never happened. He was then linked to an additional $5 million that was used for a volleyball arena at his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi. His daughter played on the school’s volleyball team.

The Daily Mail reported that Favre is suing McAfee and Sharpe for defamation citing some of their on-air comments.

A spokesperson for Favre told The Daily Mail about the defamation suit in a statement.

“Today, Brett Favre has sued [Sharpe and McAfee],” they said. “Mr. Favre has spent his retirement from the NFL focused, on, among other things, helping people suffering from concussions. Sadly, Shannon and Pat have decided to spend their time making false public statements against Brett.”

The spokesperson also contended that Sharpe and McAfee “tried to further their careers by making baseless defamatory allegations against Brett Favre.” I think their careers were in good shape before anything they said about Brett Favre, but that’s the route Favre and his camp are going.

Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe have become two of the most outspoken NFL players-turned-broadcasters in recent years. (Getty Images)

Sharpe And McAfee Made Multiple Comments About Favre On Their Respective Shows

Those “false public statements” of which they speak came from Sharpe and McAfee’s respective shows.

Sharpe called Favre a “sleazeball” and said that he “stole money from the people that really needed that money.”

McAfee made the comments in question on his SiriusXM radio show.

“Every time his name gets brought up, we have to mention that he tied the hands of the poor people and took money right out of their pockets.” the ex-Colts punter said.

Favre is going to take on two of the most outspoken figures in sports media. I’m not sure what the legal protocol for something like this is. Whether it’s better to stay quiet or if Sharpe or McAfee will respond.

On the off chance that either one of those guys decides, we’re going to be in for a show.

However, Sharpe and McAfee aren’t the only ones whose names show up in the lawsuit. Favre’s suit also takes aim at Mississippi Auditor Shad White.

‘[W]e know that Mr. Favre not only knew that he was receiving money from this non-profit which was funded by taxpayer dollars,’ White said on CNN last year, per the lawsuit. “We know that the funding for that was a sham, and we know that he knows that too.”

Favre is seeking nominal and general damages “including compensation for injury to Favre’s character and reputation” from Sharpe, McAfee, And White.

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