Pat McAfee Calls Out Terrible Weekend of Officiating, Says NFL Must Ensure Games Aren’t ‘Rigged’

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If you thought the NBA had issues with officiating after LeBron James’ costly non-call, wait till you sit down for a weekend of NFL postseason football.

One popular sports figure stepping into the ring and calling out the NFL for its refereeing problems is The Pat McAfee Show’s very own Pat McAfee.

From the Royal Rumble to royal fumbles, McAfee was in on all the weekend sports action, and one of his major takeaways from a Sunday full of Conference Championship games was that the officiating simply “sucked.”

Speaking with NFL insider Adam Schefter on Monday, McAfee tackled the League for allowing its officiating crews for the Eagles-Niners and Chiefs-Bengals matchups to get away with calls that had an impact on the results.

And while lousy officiating is about as expected at NFL games as overpriced Bavarian pretzels, McAfee’s main concern with the League is seemingly having no solution ready to keep this from affecting games in the future.

“I do think, though, that we have a massive officiating issue,” McAfee told Schefty. “I think refs suck! Not all refs. There are some refs that suck, and they shouldn’t be in playoff games. Why are they in playoff games? Especially when there’s only two games, and there’s going to be 50 million people watching.”

In the NFC matchup, the refs missed a blatant dropped pass by Eagles wideout DeVonta Smith, which set Philly up for a touchdown on their first offensive drive. Philadelphia never trailed in the game.

As for the AFC game, a strange do-over went in favor of the Chiefs, allowing them to pick up a crucial first down in a fourth-quarter drive after failing to convert on back-to-back third-down opportunities. Refs also missed two block in the back calls that should have gone against KC.

The missed calls and seemingly one-sided officiating were so egregious to McAfee that he went down a rabbit hole suggesting that referees could potentially be paid, considering they’re only “part-time” employees of the NFL.

“Since they’re not completely committed to the NFL, there’s a chance that somebody can get a hold of them,” McAfee added. “Now, I think they get paid well, but what is well? What is the line? Especially with how much money is potentially being made off of these games.”

“So make them full-time, boom, we can eliminate that distraction of potentially getting swayed elsewhere,” McAfee added. “Like all politicians cause they don’t get paid enough, so they’re easily swayed by Big Pharma, Big Gas, f***ing alcohol, tobacco, whatever, you can get named into it.”

Since the NFL is far from incorporating SkyCam reviews or any salient answer to rushed calls or omissions made on the field by refs, fans can only hope that the upcoming Super Bowl LVII won’t get caught in the way of bad officiating’s slippery slope.

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