Texas A&M Yell Leader Forgets Punch Line To Joke While Trying To Diss Alabama Fans

One of Texas A&M’s Yell Leaders forgot the words to his joke on Friday night. As understandable as it is, it’s something you simply can’t do.

I have talked ad nauseam about the Aggie Yell Leaders and the Midnight Yell tradition that the school tries to scrub from the internet. If you don’t know where I stand on things, let me catch you up.

I think the Midnight Yell is awesome and I think that Kyle Field at its best is the most intimidating environment in college football, outside of Death Valley at night. However, the Yell Leaders are not my thing. They’re cringeworthy.

Should you disagree, I understand. You went to school in College Station and it’s hard to see what is going around you when you are so entrenched in one thing— “tradition.”

That’s okay. You can have your thing and if everyone has a good time, I am all for it. Fun is fun and I am pro-fun.

But if you do it, I am allowed to comment on it. Please don’t send a hitman after me.

That “tradition” is my biggest gripe with the Yell Leaders, actually.

It stems back to when A&M was a male-only school and the guys couldn’t keep the visiting girls school around during the second half of football games. So the upperclassmen Aggies made the underclassmen perform.

Why would you want your tradition to stem from a group of dudes who lacked game?

Texas A&M Yell Leader Forgets Line
Texas A&M’s Yell Leader tradition is unique, to say the least.
(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With that all being said, what the Yell Leaders do is not easy. I could not do it. I wouldn’t want to.

Especially when things go wrong like they did on Friday.

A Texas A&M Yell Leader forgot his lines.

Prior to A&M’s game against top-ranked Alabama in Tuscaloosa — one the most talked about matchups of the offseason because of Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban — the Midnight Yell was held at Chuy’s in Birmingham. During one of the pre-written jokes (they get told over and over again, it’s not original material), the Yell Leader forgot the punch line.

He was in the middle of an Alabama diss and glitched out. It was super awkward.

Aggie fans tried to help him through it, but… it was still super awkward. Take a look:

It took him about 35 seconds to get it right and he continued to struggle from there. Here is an extended version:

To reiterate— what the Yell Leaders do is not easy. Remembering the whole narrative is tough and doing it in front of a crowd like that is difficult. It happens. I get it.

But come on. If you just have to do the whole hitch-in-your-giddy-up, pace-back-and-forth, pre-scripted Midnight Yell tradition thing to begin with, you have to nail it.

Written by Grayson Weir

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